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Insights from Witness the New Earth ~ Sara Landon


You’re going to start to notice that you have the inspiration of oh, how fun would that be? And almost instantly and seemingly effortlessly and with ease and harmony that experience presents itself to you, and you just say yes, and you just say yes, and you just say yes. Effortless. Effortless. Effortless. You have the inspiration of an experience that would be so fun for you, and all you do is say yes. It is effortless. It is effortless. It is effortless as destiny comes to you, as reality moves through you, as true creation comes to you, presents itself to you, is you as you witness the master that you are, the power that you are, the New Earth that is here now.

Witness the ease. Witness the harmony. Witness how it’s seemingly effortless now. Witness how powerful you are. When we say witness pure love, you’ll likely notice tears streaming down your face, a deep joy in your heart, a presence. Witness the pure love because you are stepping into a capacity, a depth of pure love like you have never known before. And it is that experience of pure love that offers the greatest expansion for your soul on its journey.

There is nothing like witnessing the pure love that you are, that is you, that is all around you. It is so powerful and so important. It is you. And you’re going to notice all the silly ways, the silly ways, the silly ways that you have denied pure love for yourself, for others, and in your world. You’re going to notice the silly ways that you have denied your own worthiness, the silly, silly, silly ways that you have pretended to deem yourself unworthy. You’re going to notice all the silly, silly, silly ways that you have denied your abundance. Oh, silly, silly. You’re going to notice the silly ways that you have denied joy and the silly ways that you have denied wellbeing. Oh, and the silliest, silliest, silliest ways that you have denied freedom for yourself.

And you’re going to witness, you’re going to witness your own freedom. You’re going to witness your wellbeing. You’re going to witness, oh, your joy. You’re going to witness your abundance in the highest form. You’re going to witness your worthiness. You’re going to witness how worthy you truly are. You’re going to witness the pure love that you are. You’re going to witness the New Earth now, within you and all around you. And while you are aware of the stories you used to tell, the beliefs you used to have, you may even be able to see the beliefs of others and the stories that they tell, but you don’t entangle, you don’t try to change. You witness the pure love that you are, that they are, that is here for you, that is all around you.

So from here on, your life becomes effortless ease, truly abundant, knowing your worthiness, knowing how powerful you are, witnessing the New Earth all around you, witnessing instead of reacting, witnessing instead of getting triggered, witnessing instead of entangling. You’re witnessing pure love. You’re witnessing pure love. You’re witnessing pure love. And there’s no judgment in those moments that you notice that you have judged yourself or another. There is no judgment of your judgment. There is only pure love.

And you’re going to start to witness true creation from a state of knowing how worthy you are. You’re going to notice destiny coming to you while also knowing how worthy you are of truly having it all, master, because it’s all here for you. You’re going to notice your light moving into form as your reality reflects to you all that you have expanded into.

There’s no more unworthiness. You have transcended. There is no more lack and limitation. You have transcended. There is no more limitation. You have transcended. You have ascended beyond all the — we’ll call — traps or silly games that keep you stuck and keep you small. You have gone beyond the things in the human experience that entangle you in lower vibrations and frequencies that keep you from realizing and witnessing your New Earth now.

The final piece really, truly is worthiness. And when you are in a state of pure love, you can allow it all in. You can allow it all in, receive it, celebrate it, and know that you are worthy of it. And you can witness the magic and the miracles and the awe and the amazing experiences of true creation. But you know they are not random. They are a reflection of your infinite worthiness.

Excerpted from Witness the New Earth,
channeled by Sara Landon during a live MASTERS CLASS call on May 29, 2024

~ Sara Landon
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Sara has been called a leader of leaders for the next generation of transformation. A former corporate professional and entrepreneur turned inspirational speaker, spiritual teacher, and channel of The Council. Sara is recognized as a globally celebrated leader in the field of human potential and spiritual living. The Council is a higher level consciousness of non-physical beings who provide a grander perspective of the human experience and the wisdom to live one’s fullest potential. Sara’s passion is guiding leaders, wayshowers and change-makers to discover their unique life’s purpose and the power within them to create a positive impact in the world around them. Sara’s ability to channel The Council, offers clients, students and participants in her courses and Masters Class program, the ability to create their best life possible regardless of current limitations and life circumstances.