Thoughts on this eclipse season… ~ Debbie Solaris

The spiritual meaning of a solar eclipse varies across different cultures and belief systems. In some ancient cultures, such as the Mayans and the Egyptians, solar eclipses were seen as powerful omens that signaled a time of great change and transformation.


This is the Place You Are All Moving Towards ∞ by Daniel Scranton

We do not require anything of you, and yet you ask the world of yourselves. You ask yourselves to be everything that everyone else needs you to be, and you ask yourselves to clean up all of your ‘bad karma’ from other lives. You ask yourselves to do the impossible and be perfect so that you may ascend into a higher dimension. We suggest that you all take it easy on yourselves. See yourselves as being perfect already, and see yourselves as being on a journey.

Come Together as Lightworkers & Receive More from Above ∞ by Daniel Scranton

You are beginning to sense the importance of this lifetime and this time for humanity, and you are beginning to realize more and more that you don’t have to do it all yourselves. You are meant to come together as a team of lightworkers, and it is meant to be a collaborative effort. You also don’t have to solve all the problems of your own lives by yourselves, and you are beginning to recognize that not only do you have helpers in many forms and many dimensions, but you also are figuring out how to receive that help.

It is Time to Claim Your Power ∞ by Daniel Scranton

We are aware of the hurt that many people carry within themselves, and this hurt becomes resentment, anger and hate for the person, or people, responsible for whatever it is that is hurting the person in question. This leads to all sorts of problems in an individual’s life, and those problems manifest in a variety of ways. You can experience health issues, financial issues, or relationship issues, and some people experience all of the above, all of the problems stemming from that initial feeling of being hurt by someone else and not being able to get to the love that is at the core of each and everyone of us.

The Real Reason for the Spike in Humanity’s Vibration ∞ by Daniel Scranton

You are exceeding expectations for humanity at this time. You may not realize it, but it is possible for you all to exceed our expectations. You are reflections of us to us, and we understand that, but we also know that you will always have your free, and you will always be able to make your individual choices. We just want you all to know that we are impressed, and we are impressed because of those of you who are there in service to the light and how well you are doing with the task of maintaining a higher vibration in the face of all that you must face there throughout your life experiences.


The Fierce Grace of the Divine Feminine by Shanta Gabriel

All dreams can become realities through the Grace of the Divine Mother. This is a fierce grace that encourages you to relinquish all that holds back the embodiment of your Divinity. Freedom of your Soul’s expression is one of the awakening gifts being offered through the Divine Feminine energy working through you now. This Divine Empowerment comes with a deep level of hopefulness, and an all encompassing certainty that you are connected to your Spiritual Resources in a new way ~ one that provides a greater sense of wholeness.

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Raise Your Vibration


3rd Chakra Recharge Meditation ~ Erika Osmann Mason

 Being centered in your 3rd Chakra is to be aligned with Your: Personal power Uniqueness as an individual Boundaries (so you can focus on who you want to be and how you want to spend your time and energy) Your confidence and self-worth Your Passion and Fire! Your ability to bring your creative ideas out into the Light! All of these qualities can continually get stronger and more vibrant! I hope this meditation supports you recharge your 3rd Chakra Energy Battery!


Healing Invocation ~ Anrita Melchizedek

All my cells and organs function perfectly. Each cell in my body is an expression of perfect health, vitality and well-being. Each cell in my body is replenishing, repairing and replacing according to the perfection of my original divine eight-cell blueprint. Each organ in my body functions at peak efficacy taking me deeper into Divine Love,  taking me deeper into the knowing of myself as a sacred Flame of Divinity.

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