We have an abundance of what you would refer to as time because we are always so present and because we know how time works. We know that there are these entities called timelines and that the timelines do all of the real work for us. Like you all, we are searching for the best possible timeline for ourselves and for the rest of the universe. We want to experience the best possible ride back to Source, and for us that means the ride with the greatest experience of expansion and peace at the same time.


The Fierce Grace of the Divine Feminine by Shanta Gabriel

All dreams can become realities through the Grace of the Divine Mother. This is a fierce grace that encourages you to relinquish all that holds back the embodiment of your Divinity. Freedom of your Soul’s expression is one of the awakening gifts being offered through the Divine Feminine energy working through you now. This Divine Empowerment comes with a deep level of hopefulness, and an all encompassing certainty that you are connected to your Spiritual Resources in a new way ~ one that provides a greater sense of wholeness.

The Power of US – Shared Essence ~ by Vera Ingeborg

We have gone through another round of coming closer to ourselves. Each time these waves happen, we can see a certain pattern in them. First, there are triggers, those situations and people that kick you into challenging your own truth. It is like a sparring for empowerment. Are we still busy with the outside reality as it plays out, or do we take responsibility for our own (collective) creation. Are we going to evolve, or repeat.

True prayer and True meditation – Elijah through Jim Charles

Thank you. I come today to talk to you about something very important. Many of you have great missions and many of you have great things, that must be done and you are examples to the world. but remember this, you cannot be the great example that you want to be without true prayer and true meditation.

Ascension of Arcturus Part 1 – from Pleiaidan Perspective through Sue Lie

As the file of the Oversoul opened, it pulled me into a scene from before all counting of time. At first, I could hear only words I did not understand and feel a sense of panic. Eventually, I regained my vision enough to see a scene before me that struck my heart as it reminded me of my Homeworld in the Pleiades. Beings who looked vaguely humanoid were rushing around in a state of near panic. Something was happening to their planet that they could not understand. My first thought was, “How could these frightened beings be Arcturians?” An instant response, seemingly from the Oversoul was, “They are no longer Arcturians. There are some among them who will remember to return to being Arcturian.”

Is Your Manifestation Hologram in Alignment to Fulfill Your Soul Mission? ~ Natasha, Bailey

Did you know you have a manifestation hologramme? Its’ basically your energy field. But did you know it’s actually on multiple planes? So we have (the plane) as above so below, going through your shushumna or central channel (down the centre of your head down your spine and through the bottom of your spine), then we have past, present and future timelines, and finally polarity (masculine and feminine). And in the centre, holding it all together is your heart centre or your divine heart flame, or godspark.

The Cube, Golden Sun and Flower of Life Unity Grid Invocation ~ Anrita Melchizedek

Beloved hearts, you are invited to join us in a beautiful Cube, Golden Sun and Flower of Life Unity Grid Invocation as together we amplify the Light of God upon this sacred earth, as the Unity Grid, as the vibrating Stargates of Divine Love, sharing our Light codes and receiving all through the One Heart of All That Is. The primary technique we use to expand into the Unity Grid is called The Golden Sun and Flower of Life Zero Point Activation.  The Golden Sun represents Source Light, and the Flower of Life represents the the building blocks of life that take us into Zero Point, the infinite, eternal, ever present Now moment. The Flower of Life further holds the Patterns of Perfection of our multiverse, and together the Golden Sun and Flower of Life activate the Divine Blueprints of Creation.

Part 6: True Devotee Should Be Calm and Undisturbed by the Bad Opinions of Others ~ Pulkit Mathur

When wicked people come to see me, I am very careful. The character of some of them is like that of a snake. They may bite you unawares. It may take a long time and much discrimination to recover from the effects of that bite. Or you may get so angry at them that you will wish to take revenge. It is necessary, however, to keep the company of holy men. Through such association right discrimination will come.

A Plea for Scientists~ Kryon ~ Channeled by Lee Carroll

This is something students of physics learn in their first courses. It opens a door in their teaching that comes from their teachers: “We don’t know everything, so whatever we teach you is only what we believe we know today.” A good, balanced physicist will always acknowledge that there is a great deal that humanity doesn’t yet know. These scientists are very interested in the things they observe but cannot explain. So, in that, there is full acknowledgment that there is much to learn about how things work.


The name of the book “Path to Enlightenment” came to me intuitively one day while I was writing this book. The name changed the course of the direction of what I originally intended to write, but it turned out for the better. It allowed me to go much deeper into the understanding of who we are and the connection we have with the Ultimate Creator.

Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Consciousness ~ Patrick Hogan

Do Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Consciousness complement each other? I was e-mailing the owner of the Living Librarian website, and he expressed his interest in addressing the issue of Quantum Consciousness. I asked and received his okay to use his idea in a post. As with most of my posts, I like to use current scientific principles and hypotheses when I approach issues concerning our mental or conscious connection with the universes, we live in. Physicists are delving into the smallest areas of our creation searching for how our existence came into being and they are addressing this issue using a field of mathematics called Quantum Mechanics.

knowledge for the Transmutation in the process of transformation ~ Step 2 Meline Lafont

The second step in the process of this transformation is the knowledge about the transmutation itself. Transmutation implies that a certain energy is transferred into another energy by means of neutralizing it till it reaches zero point, whereafter it is given a new charge and molding it to conform your desires. Admittedly, this is the most difficult step of the transformation process in which you currently find yourself. Before starting the actual transmutation process it is required that you master the first step with the minor distinctions, that you accept it and make it yours.

The Three Stages of Soul Cleansing ~ by Natalie Glasson

The ascension process is moving so fast currently that it is difficult for many to keep track of the shifts activating and awakening within their being. There are so many levels of your being, and each is being activated, cleansed and recalibrated to support your remembrance of the Creator. It can be challenging to know and understand everything that is taking place within your being. Therefore it is appropriate to observe your energy and become familiar each day with how your body, mind, emotions and spiritual self feel and appear to you.

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Raise Your Vibration


Healing Invocation ~ Anrita Melchizedek

All my cells and organs function perfectly. Each cell in my body is an expression of perfect health, vitality and well-being. Each cell in my body is replenishing, repairing and replacing according to the perfection of my original divine eight-cell blueprint. Each organ in my body functions at peak efficacy taking me deeper into Divine Love,  taking me deeper into the knowing of myself as a sacred Flame of Divinity.


Energy detox ~ Natalija Pavlaković

DETOX is a word that bombards us from all sides. And if you, like me, are a supporter of a healthy diet, then surely on your FB wall or in your email inbox you often see tips on how to detoxify the body. So it is suggested that we drink green juices, stay away from alcohol and sugar, eat more smaller meals, fast and the like and soon we will feel fantastic and reborn and will love our reflection in the mirror. And I agree that proper food intake can really rejuvenate us but my dear ones, if you didn’t know, toxins aren’t just found in food, drink and air.  It’s not enough to just look at what we eat but also who or what is eating us!

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