Overview of Energy Healing ~ Jamye Price

I am utterly amazed at each session, and so thankful to be part of a person’s path back to wholeness. I am blessed to be a witness to Source’s healing. I am honored to meet the human angels that come to journey to the depths of themselves, a valiant and joyful passage. The healing moves so quickly now, and each session is so different. Healing is not about modalities, it is about intention. Your intention to heal combined with my intention to assist and the years I’ve spent learning about energy healing is a massive catalyst for transformation. Your intention to move forward in your life is the most powerful vehicle you will ever drive.


Pay Attention: This is Important ∞ Thymus ∞ by Daniel Scranton

WWe know that we ask a lot of you in these transmissions. We know that we are asking you a lot of yourselves. In other words, we are prompting you to expect more from yourselves. You are the ones in charge there, because you are the ones who get to use your free will, and our hope is to guide you to use that free will appropriately. We don’t have any easy answers for you, and we don’t have any bailouts to give you.

Lightworkers: You Are Being Readied for This ∞ by Daniel Scranton

We are searching at times, just as you are, for something that will bring us into a higher-vibrational state. It is true what they say. As above, so below. We do seek, and we do wonder. We do have desires, and we do have that which is not fulfilled to experience, and all of this makes us very qualified to help you. Just because we don’t have physical bodies doesn’t mean that we cannot relate to all of you there in the physical and on planet Earth. We know what drives us can be different from what drives some of you because we don’t have physical pleasure to pursue, but we also see how those pursuits are empty, and we notice that everyone involved in those pursuits eventually feels that emptiness, even if only temporarily.

Five Simple Steps to Raise Your Vibration ∞ by Daniel Scranton

We are very pleased to bring this latest transmission. We are aware of the requests that you make, and that is why there are so many synchronicities happening for all of you who are receiving these transmissions. We tune in to you as a collective and as individuals, and we notice what you are wondering about. It is important for you to do this with yourselves as well. Having regular check-ins with your chakras, with your thoughts, and with your overall vibration will do wonders for you in bringing you into alignment with the life you want to be living. 

A Path to All of Your Spiritual Gifts ∞ Thymus ∞ by Daniel Scranton

We see you as you truly are, and that is our greatest gift to you. The greatest gift you could give to someone else is to simply know them as they truly are, because if you do, you are more likely to send them love, hold space for them and interact with them with the level of respect that you would give to an ascended master were one to materialize in front of you. When you think about your gifts, you often think in terms of your abilities to channel, to offer psychic insights, or to heal. You think about reading people’s akashic records and being able to tell them very specific things about their past lives.


Inner Voice by Venus Beings – Natalie Glasson

Greetings beloved beings of light and love upon the earth, we are the Venus Beings. We are a collective of beings in existence upon Venus. We hold the vibration of love. Our focus, our purpose, is dedicated to the love of the Creator. We wish to ignite this love within all beings, and remind all beings how they are in an embodiment of love.

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Raise Your Vibration


The Ability to be Immune from all Illness ~ Brad Johnson

As one experiences an illness within their life, does this have anything to do with vulnerabilities that they have on emotional, mental or spiritual levels that have brought this illness into life within themselves? First, one must understand what an illness is. It is not something that is simply physical, although it relates to that as a virus, bacteria, parasite, pathogen, etc. You must understand that working together with all bodies is the essence of developing a solid immunity towards all things harmful. In short, one could say, yes, that the idea of illness is caused by neglectfulness, emotional issues, mental obstruction and spiritual lack.


What is the purpose of seasonal allergies?

You may wonder how one could use this seasonal energy to benefit their being rather than to cause discomfort. First, remember that energy is neutral; you may do with it what you like. All you must know is that it is there for your use. Your intention and of course your belief in your ability to transmute and utilize this energy for your benefit is all that is required of you. For those that doubt their ability to utilize this energy for their benefit, we remind you that you seem to have no problem utilizing this energy to create discomfort for yourself, why not now use it to create your desires?

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