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Rebecca Dawson
International speaker, consultant and author : Rebecca has been channeling since a spontaneous event at the age of 18. For almost 30 years she has delivered wisdom and teachings from multiple aspects of Source Consciousness including Masters Serapis Bey, St Germain & Kuthumi. She delivers current, leading-edge information about humanity's paradigm shift to multidimensional experience, the mechanics of reality, and the human blueprint. Rebecca works internationally and collaboratively in many fields including natural medicine, business, education and new technologies. She is recognized as a “teacher of teachers", as she assists those already working in the field of New Energy to amplify their capacity. Rebecca has facilitated thousands of channeled messages and has conducted dozens of workshops, seminars and retreats all over the world. She is the author of 4 books, The New Human Experience, The Game of Purpose, The Agreement and Fu – the Return of the Magnetic Human. She has produced hundreds of video messages with the aim to assist humanity and has been interviewed extensively. Born and raised in Australia, Rebecca currently lives in the USA and travels the world sharing her perspectives and her profound love for humanity. We invite your inquires. To learn more visit or email us at