Spiritual Vampires


    Let’s face it–we’ve probably all fallen prey to a Spiritual Vampire, possibly without even knowing it. It may have been a chance encounter with an energy predator that left us temporarily exhausted, or possibly along-term vampire interaction with serious wear-and-tear effects on the mind and body.

    Spiritual Vampirism is alive and flourishing in the world today. I use the term Spiritual Vampires, because they are tapping into your spirit.  As consumers of energy rather than blood, vampires of the spiritual kind exist in many guises but with one common trait–their own inadequate energy system compels them to tap into and feed upon the energies of unsuspecting host victims. The immediate results of such a one-on-one vampire encounter are anew but temporary surge of energy for the spiritual vampire and a serious loss of mental and physical energy for the unsuspecting prey. If you suddenly feel emotionally or mentally depleted, you may be under attack by a spiritual vampire. The unfortunate effects of prolonged energy loss are damage to the energy system itself and in some instances, serious illness.

    As consumers of energy, spiritual vampires, like their folklore counterparts, can be men or women, young or old. They can be tween, teens, or adults. They can be professionals in business suits, wealthy dot. comers, dapper CEOs, ultra-groovy rock stars, or construction workers in hard hats. They can be a business associate, next door neighbor, or even family member.

    When a spiritual attack takes place, the spiritual vampire receives an energy surge while the victim experiences fatigue.

    Traits of a Spiritual Vampire

    • · Experiences Feelings Of Abandonment Or Rejection
    • · Needs Constant Reassurance
    • ·  Never Feels Satisfied
    • ·  Seeks Nurturing
    • ·  Low Energy – Fatigued

    Each of us has a spiritual-vampire tendency that sometimes needs to be put into check.

    Symptoms of Spiritual Attack
    leaky or diminishing aura
    ·   dizziness
    ·   loss of energy
    ·   muscle tension
    ·   mental confusion
    ·   headaches
    ·   chronic fatigue
    ·   sleep disturbances
    ·   irritability
    ·   depressed mood
    ·   physical illness

    It is not unusual for a person who is ill or feeling inadequate emotionally to draw upon or deplete energized individuals of their life force. These “suckers” are not bad people, most of them are not aware on a conscious level that they are doing what they are doing. Still, their unknowing actions can play havoc with anyone who leaves an energetic opening for this type of thievery. It is important for us to be aware that we may be susceptible to having our energies stolen from us and learn ways to protect ourselves. The harm in a spiritual attack is that there is no fair exchange of energy and therefore one feels depleted while the other becomes energized.

     Protection Against Psychic Attack

    Awareness: Become Aware Of Which Individuals Deplete Your Energy And Limit Your Contact With Them.

    Invoke The White Light Of The Divine: Visualize A Bubble Of White Light Surrounding Your Auric/Spiritual Field. Call Upon The Angels To Surround And Protect You.

    Energy Shields: Carry Protective Amulets. An Amulet Is A Charm Symbolizing Good Luck Or Protection Or Possessing Healing Properties.

    • Crystals
    • Seashells
    • Clay Figures
    • Fur
    • Leather
    • Stone Or Wood Carvings
    • Cross
    • Feathers
    • Jewels

    Whenever you feel an energy drain picture the White Light filling you up with energy and revitalizing your spirit, body and soul.   Be aware of energy drain and immediately protect yourself.

    Being a Psychic requires constant protection from spiritual attacks.  I always surround myself with God’s White Light when I work, because I am dealing with many different spirits attached to people.  Most people are totally unaware that there are Spirits/ Vampires attached to them.  In most religions the leaders have on jewelry because they understand its value of protection.  If you become aware that there are more things involved in our world then what we can see, you will understand the need to pay attention to psychic vampires and spirits that inhabit this planet.  Use protection every day and see if you don’t start feeling better and having a happier life.

    If you would like more information or need help on protecting yourself from psychic/spiritual vampire attacks contact Cherokee Billie for Assistance.

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