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QUESTION: Why does thinking positively never work in my favor? I am always afraid to voice something good that can happen to me because I always end up jinxing myself. I know you said that the universe doesn’t challenge us but I can usually expect the opposite outcome than I originally anticipated therefore I am at a loss as to how to help myself and my energy.

Let’s see what the Angels have to say:

ANSWER: “This is something that we see as being quite common at the moment simply because you’re starting to awaken to the understanding that your thoughts create your reality. However, not all of you have a full understanding or a full grasp of how the manifestation process really works. When someone first comes into contact with the conscious awareness of the law of attraction, humans naturally start putting out what they desire and then wait for it to come back. But it’s important to remember that the universe is not a wishing well and it doesn’t give you what you want and it doesn’t give you what you fear it simply gives you the exact match to the vibration you’re pulsing out.

You see, we can’t come in and change the channel that you’re vibrating or tuned to for you but we can promise that as soon as you do choose to change that channel we will conspire in every way possible to bring you all that you have asked for. Each time you have a new desire, you have instantaneously created the existence of that desire vibrationally. In fact it exists right here, right now. So when you have a desire that you’ve put out; and you have asked for it, essentially in that very process you have already created the experience or the existence of that desire.

If you could see it from our perspective it would be like seeing thought bubbles projecting out from you continuously. In each of your thoughts you’re creating these experiences, vibrationally that is.However, not every single thought that you have actually manifests for you physically. So why is that?

It all is determined by the rate in which you’re vibrating. Your five physical senses only have access to what you have tuned to exactly and so though there’s a process going on as you are looking around your world and you’re translating all of these vibrations into sights and sounds and smells you don’t realize that all of that’s taking place. Most feel as though all of this is happening outside of them; when really it is essentially happening through you. It is a projection of the vibration you have tuned to and therefore summed the equivalent reality to you.

So when you have something that you desire, what happens is you’re immediately aware that you don’t have it. You’re immediately aware that you want it and it’s not here, and ironically enough, that is the number one reason why many of you feel as though the things that you’re desiring are taking a very long time to manifest. In fact you’re actually repelling what you desire.

You see, though you’ve put that desire out there, now you’ve activated and have become extremely aware that it’s not here. You focus on the reality that what you want has not come yet. And though you may really need that manifestation, the sheer desperation repels your desire instead of attracting it to you. Why? Because you cannot focus on not having something and also be a match to it vibrationally.

That really is the the catch that blocks so many of you when you’re trying to manifest what you desire. When you’re desiring something and you really want to have it, but what you have is “this” instead, you’re vibrationally different than your desire.

That’s why we say “skip to the end” and have your desire right now. We encourage you to play with skipping to the end as if the very thing you want has happened to you already. It has manifested vibrationally and we encourage you to feel the satisfaction of it, to feel the relief of it, to feel the contentment of it. You can feel that right now if you choose to. Absolutely nothing has to physically change yet in order for you to feel the contentment of it right now. Each of you have the ability to do this. We have seen so many of you skip to the end in a negative fashion through worry and anxiety of the fears you hold.

It works the same way. Skipping to the end works in a positive way through envisioning the best case scenario, as it does when you skip to the end and envision your greatest fears manifesting. When you’re more in alignment with the things you don’t want, you inevitably manifest what you don’t want to happen. Of course that’s accidental; but once you really start to grasp the process of how manifestation really works you can really start to deliberately create your reality based on what you do desire.

You then have the opportunity to shift your focus onto what you do want so that you can become more in alignment with what you desire. You can do that one of two ways. You can either skip to the end and play with what it feels like to already have it. Once is enough but if it’s so delightful to you to play with that image in your mind, you can do it over and over and over. Each time you are giving more detail to the desired outcome. You’re familiarizing yourself what it feels like to have what you want; what it feels like to live in that house or to drive that car to have that relationship, or to have that healing. You can do that right now without anything having to physically change.

Or the other way to tune to your desire is to just find any excuse you have available to you to just feel good now; to feel good more often so that you can get that momentum going in the direction that becomes in alignment with what you desire. Only then can more things synchronistically be orchestrated to deliver what it is you said you wanted.

So we hope that that helps.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Much Love,

Dr. Taryn Crimi

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