What I want to discuss today with all of you is the great leap forward towards Ascension in which you will find yourselves very soon now. The last couple of months have flown by like they were mere days implying that the notion of time not only shortens but that time itself actually disappears into nothingness! Days turn into hours, hours become minutes until, at some point,  there is no more time and so time, as you know it, disappears. You will experience this fact on a physical level most intensely. This quantum leap in time is, in a very powerful way, subject to the coming changes which will increasingly take place on your beloved Gaia. A lot has already been taken in, in our ascertainment in the Higher Realms meaning that a lot of changes have already transpired a fact that is not, in a high degree, as obvious to you as it is for us. It is just a matter of a little more “time” before it will all become quite obvious to you too.

As you already know, the notion of time does not exist in our Higher Realms ; nonetheless, we know full well how you, as the human race, are fond of this notion to be able to determine what’s in store for you and when. I would like to emphasize and to advise you all to release, once and for all, this concept of time as it no longer serves you anyway, and in fact never has. Time is a projection of the collective mind of humanity, in which you were born and reborn and it is quite clear that it cannot function anymore, it cannot vibrate any longer in your emerging new world. You are all progressing towards this new world in which time, as you know it, will no longer exist : only the eternal moment of “NOW”. This leads to much confusion amongst the human race as our “time” and yours are really totally different from each other.

When we talk to you or when we share our messages in our “NOW” moment, the collective of humanity, immediately links them with certain expectations of them happening in your “NOW” moment, leading only to disappointments. Be aware, beloved ones, that the concept of time is one that is based on misconceptions that were created from impure intentions to keep you all and everything in little compartments and to hold you captive in this concept called “time”. In our Realm, there is no such thing as “time”, there is only the eternal “Now”. So live in the now, not in the past and not in the future. You create what you see, what you feel, and this shifts in the Now. I hope that I have clarified this concept somewhat. I agree that the concept of time is a difficult one ; after all, you have been stuck in this illusion during many incarnations. Now you have the opportunity to let it all go definitely and leave it all behind you. The incoming energies are most suitable to reach that goal. I, Archangel Zadkiël, will provide help to release all earthbound matters as well as all difficult situations. Just call upon me for these issues and I will gladly lend a hand, I am at your service.

I greet you cordially,

Archangel Zadkiël 


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Meline Lafont
Méline Lafont is a lightworker living in Belgium, Europe. She is a full time single mom of 3 children in the Earthly vessel performing the Multidimensional tasks as a Contactee, Gatekeeper and Ascension guide birthed through the Violet Ray. One of her tasks is to serve and to embody what she represents in order to assist fellow travelers of Light in this community of Oneness and Love. She works with Master Saint Germain as her Divine companion as well as with the Ascended Master realms and the Pleiadians because these are an intrinsic part of her journey, service work and Being. Méline provides messages, activations, Light language, courses, tools and energy service work that assists you with the re-alignment with your SELF which is done by offering a key to inner work and re-awakening, which is YOU. With a little "push" she guides you to where you need to be at this time in a most clear and loving way.