Buddha: 0:16
It would appear…

(Buddha is laughing)

that my time has been shortened.

This is the one called Buddha.

I was going to teach about the third eye in a little more depth today. However, I think my time has been shortened and I don’t know if I have time to do that. But let me say this.

Many have conceptions about the third eye, that may not be true.

Oh yes, it does have to do with clairvoyance and seeing the things that are beyond the realm of third dimension, it does have to do with seeing and creativity and the very idea of understanding, all the things of spirit, that you are once confounded by..

As the third eye opens your understanding of spirituality, the world and all things are opened on to you, not just other dimensions and other beyond senses. But also the world that you live in, becomes much more clear, becomes much more livable because you can understand it. And so therefore, when you are intending for the third eye to open, intend all these things..

There are so many connections with the third eye not just with the supernatural.

The supernatural is part of it but not all of it. So, therefore, make sure that you are looking at all the things that the third brings, all the things,

Remember it’ll help you understand yourself as well.

It also gives you greater health.


Why is opening the third eye bringing health, because it is an energy that comes from God. The third eye is a natural energy that is part of all bodies. It comes was from outside it comes from inside and it lightens up that.. you see.. the color of that chakra. What color is it Indigo? What color is that? It is a Jeep deep dark blue, deep, almost black. But as the third eye open, it sheds a light on that, doesn’t it?

That is the eternity. The avoid all the things that are, that come together to make that darkness or dark color. But yet, when the third eye opens to a certain point, it refuses to accept that it is only one color

It is.. the culmination.. of all the colors before it if you put them all together, it’s going to be a very dark color is it not? But this color tells you that it is of a wise place. God is in the void. God is in the silence. God is in the nothing. There is no such thing as nothing, because God is there. Think about that.

People say nothing, there is nothing there. But that’s not true. Because there is always something and then nothing could be the tiniest speck. But also God is there because he is there for with everything. At all times. I’m like getting sidetrack, but let me tell you, there are effects on the body when the third eye opens, there are definite effects. Your.. you become lighter. Your endocrines, your.. there are so many systems, I’m not even sure the name of them all in your, in your vernacular, but I know that it is vast.

and below the base of the nectar of something there. Is it the hypothalamus? I think it is. And it is much affected. That is the word your hypothalamus. And the thalamus is below that I believe. And these are affected. They open up different things for different people. They’re part of your individuality. They’re part of the collective individuality. There is a part of the collective system of energy.

Does that make sense to you? I’m not going to get finished with this all today.

But let’s continue.

Is there any questions so far?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 6:22
Yes, there is. Sara. Would you like to go?

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 6:26
Yeah. Hello Buddha. Welcome.

Buddha: 6:29
Thank you.

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 6:31
I have a question about my third eye and I’m actually happy you came today.

This week I experienced I sort of.. saw myself opening my third eye and there was some sort of vibrational wave coming out of it, as I was toning.. it like a very deep sound

Buddha: 7:00
Ah, beautiful. Well, you know the sound of the third eye is, m-mmmmmmmmm,

that is the sound that opens the third eye. It is a toning sound. It’s the m-mmmmmm…

You’ve heard of the OM. That is the sound of the sun, the vibration of it. The sun, the sound the sun makes in the sky in the, in the solar system. If you were to record the sound of the sun, it would be Aum-mmmm,

And how is it that ancient humans were able to detect that found and know that it was of the sun? It is a gift. When You are in tune when the third eye is in tune with yourself and all those things around you. It is open to the universe and all the sounds that are in the universe and all the things that are in the universe and they could sense that and, M-mmmmmmm, is part of the own. You understand that and yes. I understand why that happened to you, because it is making you aware that this is universal. This is gigantic. Does that make sense to you?

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 8:25
Yes, but what about the vibrational wave coming out of my third eye?

Buddha: 8:44
That is part of the M-mmmmmm, that vibration that’s coming out is part of the sound is part of all things. It will… that sound that comes out The third eye will create the vibration of the room to be the same as it is coming out of the third eye, all those things will become the same all that vibration in that room will be the same. Why? Because it is connecting in a universal way to everything around it. Do you understand that?

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 9:27
I’m getting it. Okay. So as I’m cloning, I will be using my third eye at the same time?

Buddha: 9:36
And yes, and that is wonderful. And let me tell you what that does. I have already starting to explain it to you. It connects everything in the same vibration. Now why is that? important? It is because so that everyone can feel the same thing. can understand the same message, can heal with that vibration. If that is your intent.

Why is the ohms so beautiful? Why is that M-mmmmm, so beautiful is because it brings all into oneness with God.

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 10:25
I’ve done that sound actually, during my Toning. I’ve done that sound so thank you yeah, I have a clear idea of what the perfect…

Buddha: 10:36
it brings everything into oneness. And the third eye vibration brings yourself.. It changes the vibration of self as well. Because you are in one place and when the third eye speaks with its vibration, then it brings things into oneness. The whole body is at peace and is that one.

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 11:00
Thank you for that. That’s That’s lovely.

Buddha: 11:04
You are welcome.

Now let me tell you that is the sound of the third eye is the M-mmm. The M-mmm sound. So therefore it is the vibration that brings things into oneness. Now, the third eye has elements all around, they can help you to help it open. Are you aware of this? Are you aware that Jasmine is an odor that can help the third eye open? Jasmine is the scent or the third eye. What is the stone to use for the third eye?

Well for this day and age, it’s Amethyst.

It also can be Lapis.

These things these elements are one with the third eye they have the vibration that will come into oneness with the third eye.

Does that make sense to you?

So these things have already been in tuned to your third eye vibration so that when you start to open your third eye, or if you have these things around you. It helps, because they are helping. They are helping with your intention with your purification, with your love, with your understanding, that all things in the universe: stones, odor, vibrations, planets.. Jupiter is also the third eyes planet.

Were you aware of that?

Why is Jupiter the third eyes planet? It has a huge eye on it.

Sarah (Hucolo Member) 13:16

Buddha: 13:19
And that is not really the reason, but I always remembered it because of that. I could see the planet and see the big eye. But it.. what I’m trying to say about it is that Jupiter.. if you would intend that it helps you open your third eye. That planet is geared to the third eye.

Why? I don’t know but it is. God has made it that way. There are so many things and elements and thought processes connected to the third eye. Is there are more questions?

Yes, come closer.

Angi (Hucolo Member) 14:08
is the third eye to be open all the time or is it just during times that you need it?

Buddha: 14:15
No. The third eye is open gradually. It does not open fully for one moment to give you one thing and then close again. What happens with the third eye is that it starts to open with your.. the beginning of enlightenment. As you learn and grow in spirit, love understanding. The third eye grows to open a little more and a little more and a little more.

Will it ever be fully opened? If it is you are one of the wisest and greatest people that ever lived because it is not to be opened entirely until probably the end of your life, but there are people with their eye Third Eye wide open. And it was because of drug induction, psychological problems, things of this nature that were not quite natural for them to experience.

I’m not sure I could go into that much further. But if you would look at it, a heroin addict and there are machines that can look at the the different chakras that you have nowadays. You will see that a heroin addicts third eye is all the way open. But does that helped them – no..

what it does? Is it they are living in an in a world that is horrific, they sense, see, feel everything that is beyond as well as everything that is within and everything that is around, you will find that some drug addicts, whose Third Eye are all the way open, are in extreme torture.

Have you ever experienced anyone that is going through that? It is extreme torture to open the third eye without the right guidance without the right purity, understanding and love and without God’s will to be part of it.

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 16:35
Thank you, Buddha

i have a couple of questions from members.

Buddha: 16:40

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 16:42
From member, Slava

He says: excuse me, if it’s not an appropriate question, but he wonders about your perspective.

He would like to ask, remembering, not just this conciseness memory. Could you please share your perspective on aspects I’m sure many of us have our own perspective why it’s happening this way. But in your perspective, why would it happen in such a way at this time? Perhaps it’s not appropriate time for us to remember specifically our visitations to the colonies or remember more about ourselves and share this world that this time is a God’s Will or our subconscious decision, or someone else’s impact. He understands that it’s a relative question in many ways, but how you see this from your perspective,

Buddha: 17:32
I see this.. this is a beautiful and wonderful question. I see many aspects of it that he is looking at. He’s looking at it from many, very many different angles. But let me say this, when the third eye opens, and you start to understand who you are and start to perceive who you are, and start to understand the things around you and the things beyond.. it must come slowly, it cannot all flood in, it cannot be a huge flood of information. So therefore you are given pieces bits and things and clues of the next step in your evolution of the third eye.

Now, as it opens, you start to understand more, you start to remember more, you start to feel more, you start to see beyond more. So, as you grow in the spirit, now there are times, when the third eye goes back closed, why you fall into disbelief, that God is helping you fall into a third-dimensional situation that smacks you so hard that you can’t see beyond and the third eye closes, but it can be opened again. But as it opens slowly and only slowly, then you will start to get the information that you need, start to remember the things that you need to remember. And sometimes in this reality, third dimension, you do not want to remember everything, you do not want to experience everything, you do not want to know beyond a lot of things. And so, therefore, you are taken at a certain pace through the opening of the third eye so that you will become wise.

If you open too quickly. Your wisdom would not be there you would not understand what is happening. You would not perceive things correctly. Does that make sense to you? The perception is important.. the way that you perceive and the way that it helping happens are important, especially each of you are individuals unique in your own special way. And for you to rush that, it would not be a pretty thing. You can’t go from zero to 100 as far as living the human life without consequences and accident for sure.

Is there any more questions?

Does that answer your question?

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 20:34
That answer does sufficiently for Slava, I believe,

um, Sam, Sam S has a question about a spiritual experience here. He says. His forehead had a lot of pressure last night and I assume that he’s talking about the third eye area. And he says he felt very nauseous. And he said, an overwhelming emotion came through and he began to cry. And he’s asking, was this part of his third I tried to open or was it something else?

Buddha: 21:06
No, this was a release. This was a release of something that needed to fall away from him. And yes, it was part of the third eye-opening. That may explain as we shed our negativities and our toxins and the things that do not belong within us. And the third, I can open a little bit more.

Yes. I asked him this. Was there a great relief afterward?

Just find out for me, I don’t know who it is..

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 21:43
that might take a little bit, because he’s not online in real-time with us.

Buddha: 21:49
I am sensing, that after this experience. The nausea was the toxins. The pressure on the third eye was that the toxins were keeping the third eye static. “Static” meanings are not opening still. And after this wave of nausea, there was great tears and emotions and a falling away of these things that did not belong.

He may not even be aware of what that was.

But he has been looking spiritually for a greater experience in the spirit. And so that was something that was a step forward. Does that make sense to you?

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 22:45
Yeah, I just realized that Sam is here. I didn’t. I didn’t realize that. Sam, can you unmute and speak?

Sam (Hucolo member) 22:55
Yes. Thanks, Dan

Buddha: 22:59
Did you feel great relief after the tears.

Sam (Hucolo member) 23:02
Yes, I did.

Buddha: 23:04
That is because something fell away. Did you hear the explanation that I gave of what happened?

Sam (Hucolo member) 23:12
Yes, I did. Thank you.

Buddha: 23:14
And did you understand it? Or did it make sense to you? Yes, it makes sense. There was something in your life that was burdening your, your entire life actually in in your body in some way. And whatever it was, finally, you realized you didn’t need it any longer. And it passed..

Sam (Hucolo member) 23:41
Okay, I got it.

Buddha: 23:44

Sam (Hucolo member) 23:45
Thank you. Thank you Buddha.

Buddha: 23:48
That was a beautiful thing. And yes, your third eye did open more.

Sam (Hucolo member) 23:53

Buddha: 23:58
Is there any other questions about that? I sense that there is something else.

Sam (Hucolo member) 24:02
Yeah, I have a lot of questions, but I’m a little choked up right now. So like, I can’t really talk. But I’ll go ahead and pass on the mic. Thank you.

Buddha: 24:13
You’re welcome. I love you.

Sam (Hucolo member) 24:16
Love you

Buddha: 24:16
continue on your path. You are making progress.

That was beautiful.

Sam (Hucolo member) 24:23
Thank you.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 24:26
Okay, Buddha, Carolina has a little question here that. She would like to know what is the wavelength of the OM.

Buddha: 24:35
The wavelength of the OM, I do not know how many megahertz or whatever it is that you are looking for. But it i.. when it comes out when you do the OM. When you experience it when you create it.. is exactly the way it should be. So you do not have to worry about what It’s frequency is at that moment, you only have to worry about creating it, coming up out of the soul, it will cause a great oneness to occur if you continue it long enough, and the more that you go, the longer that you go with the OM, the greater extends out. It keeps it puts that vibration on everything. that exact vibration becomes the intensity, the atmosphere of the room out of the place, of the walls and the ceilings and the floors, of the pictures on the wall, of all the people that are there, especially if they’re oming with you, and sharing in with the vibration, but even if they don’t share, it will come to them and it will seep through the surface of their being, until the They feel one with the room. One with the OM.

It’s just a matter of time.

Does that answer your question?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 26:15
Yes. Thank you so much,


Gurudan (Webinar Host) 26:19
Yeah, know have a couple of more questions from members.

This one from Joanna Lee.

She says it’s her understanding from the oracle of Aphesis, that we are to somehow unite your bowl of love within us, with the Christ within us. Is this so from your perspective and our her attempts to do so progressing? So she’s asking is she connecting with her Christ within..

Buddha: 26:56
what they’re saying is they’re wanting you to take the physical and united with the spiritual.

Yes, the OM does that, there are several different things to do that the bowl of love is the physical love that you feel, the physical part of love, you feel the emotions, you have touch you have sensation, the bowl of fire, and that connected with the spirit, which is also a fire, becomes a great flame, you can connect them together.

Now the soul and God are one and that fire comes directly from God. We are in this day and age as you are experiencing, this is the new age of experiencing how God is. This bowl of fire is the physical and the soul is the the spiritual and yes, they can be connected and your intention is important. And when you do Connect them, there will be realizations about the physical and the spiritual, you will find that the spiritual speaks to you. Your body and your body speaks to your spiritual and you will you are intensified in both. Does that make sense to you? Because the flames have united you see the flames have united.

I am truly happy about these questions. They are making me happy.

come and speak. There is this person in the room that wants to speak.

David (Hucolo member) 28:57
You are mentioned that people had heroin experience the opening and I have a friend that was a former heroin user and she moved away. And I heard through spirit that she was experiencing psychological problems. And I’m wondering, how would I be able to help her heal, send healing energy to her? What kind of way would I do this.

Buddha: 29:23
Once someone is taken away from the drug, the third eye is still open. And it’s causing a great amount of sensations to bombard the body, mind, soul, and spirit because it’s not from one place, it’s from all places, it’s coming from the earth, it’s coming from the third dimension, it’s coming from beyond, because the third eye does control the experiences from beyond. It’s from psychic energy as well from the brain, and all these things and so once the drug is removed, the psychological damage has already been done. The Eye may start to close slowly. But they must understand that they have to give up the information that they’ve received.

Does that make sense to you? They have to. They have to take it away in the sense that it’s not important at this time. But yet, whenever the third eyes open, everything seems important. All this information seems very, very important. And they have no choice but to see it. They have no choice. The third eye is all the way open. So the information is coming. But it seems so important. They can’t give it up. And this is what causes the psychological problems to remain. Because they can’t close it again, they, they they have a difficulty not receiving. Do you understand that? But if they could start to close it if they could just block it in some way, and I’m not sure they do have some psychological blockers, some drugs in this day and age that does do these kind of thing. But does it close the third eye? I’m not sure. I have not experienced that. And I do not have that information ready the moment, because all that I know is that once it’s all the way open, it’s so very difficult to close.

Any more questions?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 31:55
You know, I have a quick question if I can.


My name is Valerie. And I’d like to know if anyone has the capability of being or holding the history of the Akashic records.

Buddha: 32:16
No one has enough space in the memory banks to hold the aquatic. You must understand what the Akashic records are. There every second, every planet, every part of everything that ever existed. That is, one second of information is too much for a human to hold in their brain. One second of the Kaushik record will flow over and explode your brain because it is too much to hold, you are not made to hold the Akashic records or the memories they’re all. It is there as a history of the universe and of all things at every moment, every bit of time. And you wouldn’t want that anyway, there’s too much information and it cannot be used in this lifetime. Only so much information can be used by your unique perspective and life and your unique perspective of life has a purpose. And their Akashik record has 20 billion trillion purposes. You only have one. so, therefore, it would not be even advisable to do a second.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 33:54
That makes sense.

Buddha: 33:57
I love you dearly, but that kind of information. is destructive.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 34:03
Yes, I can imagine.

Also, I had another quick question here on that same frequency.

Buddha: 34:15
Very good

Valerie (Webinar Host) 34:15
is there any way a person can revoke any type of DNA, things that would change their life Now, does that make sense? Like a contract, like that.

Buddha: 34:34
Oh, let me ask you a question. To see if I understand the question. Do you mean after you’ve received some DNA? Is there any way to get rid of it?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 34:45

Buddha: 34:46
Or do you mean is there any way if it’s someone wants to give it to you not to accept it?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 34:52
Yeah, both.

Buddha: 34:54
Once you’ve received some DNA, it’s difficult to get rid of it. It can be done. It can be done, but it is not an easy process. The other thing is, if there is DNA that someone wants to give, you do not have to accept it. It’s very easy. It’s a matter of free will. All you have to say is “No”.

It’s not difficult.

They cannot force it in unless they’re doing an operation and cutting you open and put injecting DNA but that is not happening. What is happening is you are can only take the DNA if you accept it. You do not want it do not accept it. Because after you have it, it’s difficult to get rid of it.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 35:46
That’s great to hear. And it’s great information. Um, is there any way that a person can? Like, are you given contracts, so to speak before you come to earth are we all given contracts that we are …?

Buddha: 36:03
99.9% of people on earth have a contract before they come here because they have made it. And there’s a reason for that. And they have contracts for their future and they want because they continually want to learn and grow and become greater beings. You see as, as you progress through your different lifetimes, your brain opens up more and more and more and you become more godlike. But it’s a progression because you like it’s a progression towards God, you’ll never reach him because he’s always learning more and creating more and doing more. But it is a progression toward a god-like existence. The beautiful thing,

Valerie (Webinar Host) 36:51
so there really would be no need to revoke any of those contracts then?

Buddha: 36:57
nothing less than interfered with.. well, no, there wouldn’t be any. But there are some people that change their contracts for one reason or another. They’re tired of learning certain things a certain way.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 37:12
There are no negative things attached to those contracts, though, is that correct?

Buddha: 37:16
No, not not. Once you make a contract, it’s, it may seem negative. Once you’re down here, like pain, sorrow, suffering, but when you’re in the oversold, it’s not negative. It’s a learning experience. It’s not me feel that let me know that so that I can help somebody else with it. It’s actually very positive.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 37:45
Well, that’s wonderful.

And again, very good information. I’m glad I got a chance to talk to you. much love..

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 37:57
Buddha, I have a question about The third eye the whole Third Eye experience thing. So for those people who, who the third eye is just words like they, they’ve heard of the third eye. They’re not quite sure what it is, how it is, where it’s located. So the third eye is like the pineal gland projection at the forehead. And then is there something that you can share with like, the more lay people, the more beginner people of how they can really tap onto it, how they can really begin to use it in their favor, how they can really begin to get things rolling and help them with their spiritual growth. Can you maybe say something about those earlier folks?

Buddha: 38:40
Well, let me tell you this. The third eye is never completely closed unless you’re dead. That has to be open a slight bit for you to be able to perceive to understand it. You may not be going into beyond dimensions with the third eye being only opened a small way, but you’re perceiving third to mentioned, you’re perceiving your life, your body the way you perceive it, at that time with the third eyes just slightly open, because it is the center of perception. It is what it is on the level of spirituality as well. If it’s only open a little bit, you can only perceive so much spirituality. And some people believe that they’re very spiritual, but their third eyes only open this much and they’re perceiving spirituality in such a small way. And even a small bit of spirituality is huge. Must understand that. To understand even the smallest bit of spirituality is lovely and beautiful. But to help them jumpstart their third eye is to know that it exists. Number one, without the knowledge that it exists, there’s no way to open it

I mean any farther than it’s open.

And after they believe that there is such thing as a third eye, and that it can be open, then you seek ways to open it. And that is a voyage for each person. No one takes the same voyage opening the third eye. Everyone has their own unique way to perceive their life and to make it better. if they can.

So, therefore, I cannot give you a path

except for to say, seek and you will find what you’ve heard before, but it is true. But your ways of seeking some people look in books and read different things. Some go to a guru and have reading some pray and ask God, some meditate. There are many many ways to take your path some do very little about it.

They’ll say, alright, I have a third eye. So what?

What good is it doing me.

I live here I’m having an okay life. So why change anything? So there’s another path to take the path of indifference. But if it your third eye, which it is, is open just that little bit. Do you know, you see that there’s something in there, but sometimes it’s very difficult to get to it.

Do you understand that?

Depending on your beliefs, systems, depending on how you want to perceive it, it can be a very difficult journey, or it can be a much easier journey.

That’s all up to you.

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 42:16
Would it be simple enough to just say they could just give their third eyes some attention, maybe give it a little focus, maybe get into a light meditative state, maybe do some OM or something today, just begin giving it some attention. And then that could blossom and grow into a really good connection as they feel their way through their third eye.

Buddha: 42:39
Absolutely, whatever they choose to do. whatever is exciting for them because if the path is not exciting, it’s not going to be taken. If the path is too tedious, that no one will will walk it.

Find something that interests them. That is what I’m saying. They must find their own spot of interest, their own place to begin their own place where that says, All right, this is something I’m interested in something that might be very helpful.

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 43:18
So it sounds like provided as long as they would give their third eyes, some focus, maybe make a little time for it and then follow their inner guidance from there, then they should be well on their way to growing into whatever they’re going to be then

Buddha: 43:31
Depending on their belief systems. Absolutely.

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 43:37
Awesome. Wonderful. I think that that might do them quite well. Thank you. Thank you, Buddha for helping me with those.

Buddha: 43:45
It appears I had more time than I thought.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 43:48
Oh, yes, it’s okay, Buddha.

um, Jeremy is a new member just joining with us today. Jeremy, what questions would you like to unmute didn’t speak.

Buddha: 44:23
I’m not sure I understood the question. Something about helping you Is something going to help you What? What was going to help you?

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 44:40
His Grey Alien, he’s got a gray alien being visit and he wants to know if it’s valid.

Buddha: 44:48
One moment, please. And I will connect to that.

Does he have a name?

Jeremy (Hucolo Member) 45:09

Buddha: 45:22
He is there for your best interest. he is one of the type of Grey’s called Elya-Shounda-E-Zendi


they’re helpful, greys,

I am not sure exactly what he want to teach you, but he feels that you have a great purpose.

there’s a lot of noise coming from somewhere

there are good grades and bad, neutral…

Elya-Shounda-E-Zendi are one of the ones that have come into the area within the last, I would say maybe eight months seven months into your earthly atmosphere in a very big way. They were there before but they only ended up a very small number.

Jeremy (Hucolo Member) 47:04

Buddha: 47:12
I cannot hear you over the noise.

Jeremy (Hucolo Member) 47:19
He said basically my definition is to help you.

Buddha: 47:42
Yes, he’s there to help you. And what he says is true.

There must be something about you that he really has connected to..

I’m not sure what you’re conveying are.

has he shown himself to you by the way?

Ah, very interesting. Well, he is has shown himself to you then. And do not, do not push him away. He is a good friend. He’s trying to be a good friend.

yes, you’ve heard stories about bad grades. There are bad greys, zeta greys for the most part. There are some good zeta greys, but they’re rare. There’s some other greys that are not so good as well. But the Elya-Shounda-E-Zendi are very nice in some, in many senses, yes, they have their quirks, of course, but they are not evil.

Are there any other questions?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 49:43
Thank you, Jeremy. We appreciate the questions you asked and they were answered. Okay, moving on. Now. I don’t believe we do have any more questions for you Buddha. Unless there’s any more..

Buddha: 50:02
Yes, there was a one in the room here.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 50:05
Okay, that’s good. Can we ask them?

David (Hucolo member) 50:09
Is there anything that you can share with me that will help me a life path journey, guidance that will help you along?

Buddha: 50:19
The one thing I can tell for everyone is to follow that, that which resonates with you. Now, if you find that reading is the way that resonates with you to find the truth, then do that. If you find that having readings and talking to those, read others that have truth within them, resonate with you. That is the way to go.

For you personally. I would say that you must find.. well, you have already find found a way that resonates with you very well. You speak to YESHUA.

David (Hucolo member) 50:58

Buddha: 50:59
And yes, you will. resonates with you very highly. And so he is helping you now. And if someone else, someone else may find Yeshua to be a very good help, or they may find that I’m a good help, or they may find that Confucius is a good help, or they may find that the spirit of David is a good help, but whatever, whatever it is that resonates with you, the truth will resonate in you for yourself. The perfect connection to you and God must be found. If there is not a pure connection, then you will not be your true self in this life.

Does that make sense to everyone?

Is there any other questions?

Valerie (Webinar Host) 51:53
No, I don’t believe we do have any more questions today Buddha, if we could get a blessing, maybe from you before we leave that would be wonderful.

Buddha: 52:02
I would be so happy to give you a blessing

Valerie (Webinar Host) 52:10
Wonderful, we would really appreciate that

Buddha: 52:12
One moment, please

Ah, there is so much light in the universe.

But can it all be seen at once? No.

Grab a hold of the god light, that is your portion

which is a great deal at this time

and hold tightly to it, so that you may grow and be blessed.

God wants no one to live a life of horde, terror and trouble. However, there are contracts that do have some trouble in them. But there’s still a joy to be found even within those troubled times, grab a hold of it. Grab and hold of all the joy that you can find. I give you know a blessing from the past, which reaches far into the future.

May God be with you and his ultimate and omnipotent power.

May his light always shine on you even in those dark days, where you feel that you can’t even find him. Let your belief system know that he is still there..

find a moment, every day, to stop and thank him

For the beauty, that is around you, or anyone small bit of blessing, that has been given.

Always thank him, every day

brings bring your light in line with his light

and find the love that is in line with his love

and live a wonderful and gratifying life, because even if you have trials and tribulations to go through, you still have a purpose for being here.

Every single person has a purpose.

May you all find It and live it to the greatest of your ability. May love guide you, light and God’s infinite knowledge and wisdom be with you always. Amen.

Valerie (Webinar Host) 55:20
um, Namaste

Buddha: 55:24
I will leave you now..

Have a wonderful day.

I’m so happy to have been here with you.

Gurudan (Webinar Host) 55:35
Thank you so much, Buddha and much love to you.

Buddha: 55:39
Much love

Valerie (Webinar Host) 55:41
Much love

Channeled by Jim Charles,

Image Credit : Pixabay.com

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