We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we are very excited to be connecting with you.

You are on the verge of so many changes there on Earth, and you are in the midst of the consciousness of that change. A change in consciousness always comes first, and sometimes the change in consciousness can be a bit unsettling to the human being who is experiencing it. Sometimes it takes quite a while for you to acclimate to the energies and to fully embody the new consciousness.

But that is what you are doing, and many of you are doing this work deliberately, because you decided to be the ones who would awaken first and who would lead the way. You are leading more by example than any other way, and many of you are being called to step up and put yourselves out there more as the thought leaders of the new age. Some of you can feel that tug within you, and you acknowledge that the nudge is there and the impulse is there, but you wait.

And we want you to know that you can wait, but eventually you are going to take that leap and make that move that you want to make. Perhaps now is that time, and perhaps this is that message that convinces you that you are a lightworker and a wayshower. You are one of the changemakers, and you are there to show others how it’s done. Now, this is meant to give you a boost to your ego, but rather, you can take this message as another prompting, another nudge. And you can know that whatever you’ve been planning on doing, those who will benefit from it are waiting.

You can help more people awaken today than at any other time in human history. You have enormous reach from where you sit right now, and there are more people on the planet with you than ever before as well. And so, we are also here to tell you that it is okay to believe in yourself, even when no one else has. It is perfectly logical for you to be the one who gives yourself the reassurance that you have what it takes to lead others. You do not have to wait for someone else’s approval. You do not have to have people that you would consider to be built-in followers.

You can put yourself out there right now because there is a call, and the call is coming from those who are going to benefit the most from what you have to say, what you have to teach, what you have to channel. There is no need in this lifetime to fear persecution, and while those feelings might come up for you, just remember that you are not living in a time where people are burning witches at the stake. 

And in fact, you are living in a time where people are celebrated for the books they write and the YouTube channels that they start, and they are celebrated because they are different, because they are going against the grain of society’s leanings and the widely held beliefs of the day. You get to be a part of that evolution of consciousness, and you get to decide how you do it and even when you do it. But if you feel the call, you will do it. You will show humanity what is inside of them by showing them what’s inside of you, and there has never been a better time than now. 

We are the Andromedan Council of Light, and we have enjoyed serving you in this way.

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Daniel Scranton
Hi, I’m Daniel Scranton. I am a verbal channel, and I bring through beings like: Yeshua, Archangel Michael, The Hathors, The Arcturian Council, The Pleiadian High Council of Seven, Quan Yin, The Buddha, and The Creators. I also teach channeling, sound healing, meditation, and a whole host of other courses. I work with individuals one-on-one, and I do group events. I meet with my clients via phone, skype, or other internet portals. I channel a message from the beings I work with every day, and I post it on my website and send it out to my email list. I look forward to hearing from you! Love, -Daniel