On April 23, Wieteke was in Oslo where I met her and attended a group channel session with her ET guide from the Yahyel.

The group session was very interesting to experience, and after the time we also talked a lot. I then asked Wieteke if she would like to do a question and reflection session about channeling for the website here to further inform people who are also interested in this matter. Fortunately, Wieteke also thought this was a good idea, and here’s the result.

I have prepared five questions for Wieteke to start with, which she answered in great detail. And we’ve added a sixth.

How do you usually explain what channeling is to someone who is completely unfamiliar with that concept?

In that case, I refer to meditation and ‘having a very clear reception of the intuition’, because in a sense it amounts to the same thing. Everyone is able to channel and does so regularly (if they have a hunch or follow their ‘heart’) only most of us are not aware of this. I don’t want to make it anything bigger or more mysterious than it is, because it’s a completely natural phenomenon.

In this time of ascension/awakening, it is of course special that we can make a multidimensional connection(s) so much easier than before. The heightened vibration of the earth and of ourselves as humans (whether we realize it or not) makes time feel that much more ‘elusive’ – lucid dreaming, powerful messages from our bodies (in response to our lifestyle), and all kinds of messages from our subconscious, or even from other dimensions, are now more easily picked up by people than before.

What strikes me is when I start about it in that way, almost everyone has an experience that matches that. Almost everyone knows the feeling of ‘being in a timelessness’ which happens for example when you are in love (so when you are completely in your heart), or when you are completely absorbed in an action that has a direct connection with your heart/passion. Such as, painting or singing for some artistic people, but also completely absorbed in a scientific issue or biochemical research for people who work more with their left hemisphere is part of that.

6ea44b493ba703c41e58c2fca41f2e4dThe cool thing is that this ‘being complete in the now ‘ is essentially the most accessible channeling state we all know and that immediately makes it a lot more understandable for people. At that moment your brain works on a different wavelength (Gamma) in which you are very receptive to ‘good hunches’ and in which the rational mind/ego persona structure does not block anything. This is a relaxed state, and the best place to be, to ‘think out of the box, so to speak?

The channeling state in which you make direct verbal or non-verbal contact with a being from another dimension (which is simultaneously also a piece of your own Higher Self or “Oversoul” – otherwise you would not be able to contact it at all) for most people still experience it as something other than ‘downloading’ your ‘own’ intuition messages. That’s because such a being’s energy can make itself known as different from you – and at the same time part of you – so that you can operate ‘together’ so to speak. This is something that we as humanity are increasingly finding out (that this is possible). You have to go beyond the paradox – but once you have had such contact, you will certainly understand this explanation. Anyway, the description of the “total-here-and-now bliss feeling” (also known from meditation) usually comes close enough to give people an idea of what path that deeper connection, with that other part, takes. of the multidimensional Self, is made.

When and how did you first get in touch with channeling?

In 2009 I first discovered the works of Jane Roberts, “Seth Speaks”. That was the first time for me that I became acquainted with the idea that a human being could transmit such high-frequency information verbally. Of course, as a child I had already seen so-called mediums on TV who spoke to the deceased etc, but somehow that just didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t see that as channeling, at least not the way I watch channeling now. Although technically it was, just with a different dimension than the Interstellar connections I was so drawn to. That I had been channeling unconsciously myself for years only started to dawn on me – this is also why I regularly burst into tears while reading her book “Seth speaks” – simply because I recognized the frequency and could allow it right into my heart. (or vice versa; as if he were speaking to me from the heart) – as if I had found the lost family I had always longed for. It was very emotional and profound for me. The information itself was incredibly recognizable – and felt like coming home. Free from fear and dogmas. Many of the concepts Seth shares I’ve had myself in download dreams and on my own astral travels, so I had no trouble reading through them and grasping them right away. In that respect, the book was more of a film to me than a book because everything immediately translated into the image concepts I ‘already’ had with it.? Likewise with quite a complex quantum Physics (although I have no background in science education at all) and the more complex concepts that Bashar explains (An interstellar being of the Sassani, channeled by Darryl Anka).


Source: https://design4awareness.com/website/art/

I discovered Bashar ‘by accident’ via youtube right after reading Seth. That was an extra step on top of the whole thing because it taught me that there were people who were still actively doing this. Jane Roberts had already passed away when I discovered her book. Despite this, years later I still had no idea that I could consciously vocal channel (verbal channel) myself. This was not my wish either. I already felt SO blessed with the downloads that just kept popping up in my writings (poetry in particular) and to use in my art.

And that was the crux for me, I had this ‘open contract’ with my guide, I understand precisely to learn to step forward and speak for myself. That this was not a wish of mine for a long time was because I just wasn’t ready yet. I was insecure and shy and kept the information to myself or used it in a roundabout way without telling others where it came from (in my experience). Now all those things have become clear to me and I am beyond the fears and insecurities of the past. I feel incredibly blessed with the way in which I can now work with my guides and with everything I can (will) learn from them.

When did you realize that you might also want to learn how to channel yourself, and how did you go about doing that?

As said, I simply never had the ‘desire’ to ‘learn to channel’ haha! Every channeler has a different story and in my story, this was literally an overnight revelation. I began to feel the presence of my guide more and more emphatically in meditations, to the point that I could hardly sit still because of the racing ‘chi’ in my system, I could always feel exactly ‘where’ he was standing around me. Then I decided to open the ‘conversation’ myself and asked in my mind who are you? An inescapable answer immediately popped into my head and he let me know where he came from by naming his species: Yahyel. I heard this name/this word and simultaneously saw it spelled out before me on the black screen of my closed eyes. Since my confusion about the name/word was unclear to me I decided not to tell anyone except 1 friend who was already in the ET channel at the time, but I dropped the name and just said I knew there was ‘an ET’ involved had visited me during the meditation and that it was very nice ;). It was super loving and very positive energy, and I left it at that. That’s basically how I dealt with their presence for years haha!

67e1f71e564005b7818ea1f68820c497A month later I came to another ET channeler (now a close friend and colleague: Jacqueline from Beyond Medicine) because I wanted to get rid of a deformity in my back and had heard that with ET healing many things can be tackled where our doctors have no answer. I’ve also always been told that you have to learn to live with scoliosis, and I’ve never believed that. After reading success stories in the treatment of (among other things) scoliosis through ET-healing (in Adrian Dvir’s book “x3, healing entities and aliens) I came to her. A few minutes after the session started with her, she suddenly changed the subject and said; wait for a second; there is someone here for you, and his name is Yahyel. She knew nothing of the introduction in my meditation a month earlier. obvious to me that he was the same one who had let me know who he was in the meditation. Yahyel (that’s what I call him now in this story) spoke ‘through Jaqueline’ and let me know that I was ready, if I wanted (this is always an open invitation) to work with him in the same way as Jaquenline did so with her guide, including the collaboration of a medically trained ‘healing team’ (re-alignment facilitators) from various ET beings. This is the super shortcut version of this story – for more info check out my blog. ?For me, it’s like my entire life story suddenly landed on a synchronization hub in that one session.

I needed 3 days to integrate that first session, not least because physically everything started shifting in me immediately and because Yahyel was very close to me and I still had to get used to his energy. But it all happened very quickly as if I had been holding my breath for years and someone had suddenly pulled me above water – that’s what it felt like! After 3 weeks I gave the first trial sessions to interested friends and clients (I was now working as a creative new-paradigm life coach with my own practice in which I basically already made a lot of use of the information I had gathered all my life. received these guides, mostly through dreams and lucid downloads). I went like a spear through all phases of letting words through, knowing what is pure channeled and what is not, recognizing and transforming blockages in myself, more shifts in my body and learning to use my hands for the healings/ re-alignments. Like reading Seth’s books and hearing Bashar’s messages, this all felt like coming home.

Of course, I also had my challenges in learning to deal with these powerful energies, but the contact was so obvious and so super loving that I just dived into it. I could easily ask questions to the team and communicate with my guide (clear images – strong language, practical tips for my clients) that they basically just guided me directly in it. My education for me just came from the ETs – really ?And it lasted all my life, I can see it now?In that sense, no one has ever had to ‘learn’ me to channel – I just had to surrender to the fact that I could already do it. That’s what it really feels like to me. My most challenging learning path was from A. never daring to talk about it (I had experiences with the ETs since my very early childhood) – through B. discovering that others do (Seth/Bashar) – to C. surrendering myself to it to give. Not because I thought that I ‘wanted’, but as my guide, I myself came to tell me this was all, and I felt it was true at heart.

Hybrid being, partly human part ET. Source: https://design4awareness.com/website/art/

Hybrid being, partly human part ET. Source: https://design4awareness.com/website/art/

Now that announcement came through Jaqueline, but it added enormously for me that the Yahyel had already named themselves to me personally, with my guide also simultaneously using his energy to awaken the memory in me of our already lifelong cooperation to make. This happened in the session and in the days after.

You can imagine that in a few minutes my life seemed completely turned upside down (or finally straightened up – from my perspective now ;)) – and that I needed a few days to give everything a place. But to this day I discover syncs that let me know that this is my ‘chosen’ path when I’ve just never been fully aware of it. Later there was much more background information and I also discovered, for example, that 1 of the guides in the medical team, is a being that I still remember from my childhood :).

I kept the Beyond Medicine team informed of my developments and after a month or two facilitated a powerful ET healing for Jacqueline myself, while she is ‘co-channeled’ while receiving to assess the quality of my work. She personally gave me the green light afterward and since then we have seen each other as full colleagues on the same magical exploration of channeling with ETs.

Everyone at Beyond Medicine thought it was so cool that I walked this path at such a pace that they invited me to ‘walk’ with the first group of their then brand new “6-month training to become an ET-healer (level 1 )”, this was a non-binding offer. I accepted it and really enjoyed watching and feeling the learning path of others (with an active channel wish). This especially showed me that the path of everyone who connects with other dimensions is totally individual and that (wish for) ‘healing of the SELF’ is ultimately the absolute gateway for more contact with your guides (of any dimension).

The channeling action itself can look different for everyone and is an ongoing process, with me it is now also developing into group sessions (question and answer) for which I am now also being asked abroad. But the 1-on-1 sessions is what my entire practice now revolves around because of the overwhelming reactions. For some contact with their guides simply not verbal (there are then no words) or turn it so more to first heal yourself, and still others it’s in music, imagery or write (as first years for me was the case ) or some other form of expression that naturally becomes more and more multidimensional?

When did you start channeling yourself and how do you use it in your daily life?

I now make a very clear distinction between conscious and unconscious channeling. I didn’t know that I could channel consciously until I began to feel increasingly direct contact with my own guide. I can now see – retroactively – incidents in my life where Yahyel flowed through me very directly, which manifested itself in images or texts (poetry) of which I myself could be completely blown away> while working on that I was almost completely ‘gone, to the point of dizzying – time stood still and afterward, I got goosebumps or even tears in my eyes from the result. I impulsively made countless drawings of ETs around my 19th birthday and saw creatures in my room (wide awake) that could not be explained by the rational mind (then haha). I wrote a journal between the ages of 10 and 33 and many of the dreams I recorded reveal what information came from my guides and what came “from me.”

e3a6569ae0e85a8ab5d8d61b00510f5cAround the age of 24, I thought I had a thread loose because I saw the world through such extremely different glasses than most. I have written an extensive blog (in English) to present my own processing story of that path as fully as possible and to invite others to dare to do the same. Because I know there are so many others with me who have walked a similar path.

The direct and thus ‘conscious’ channeling started for me after my contact with Jacqueline and surrendering myself to it – and I just let my guides and the practical experiences lead me (and essentially still do).

In daily life, I use (used) channeling by 1. When I channeled unconsciously I was inspired by it like others by their own intuition. I did recognize it as loving guidance. That awareness was there from childhood – though I couldn’t explain it. I am very happy that I have trusted myself in this. After some help around the age of 24, I could see that that information could also serve me practically, even if I didn’t see it reflected in society (which before felt very lonely for that old version of me, but from which I learned a lot).

2. Now that I also channel consciously and so usually can ‘step in and out’ myself, I use it for myself as a meditation and charging point (they are a kind of love battery haha), it gives me peace and clarity. You can’t worry and channel at the same time (I don’t), it’s pure love. It has become my work and it inspires others and encourages them to deep self-healing again. Sometimes I just feel like a conduit of bliss vibes ?Sometimes there are people with a great desire and deep desire for more self-development who come into contact with this – and who shortly afterward start channeling themselves or come into contact with their own guides through me and then  I’m so happy for them!?

But above all; I have come home with myself – more than I could have ever imagined – simply because I have now been able to consciously find this puzzle piece of myself (via my higher self). It has also deepened and increased my (already immeasurable haha) love for humanity and our mother earth. I have endless faith in man and in the future. I understand at a deep level that we ourselves (each for himself) create our world and that everything I see is a reflection of myself. Now I had already arrived in this realization before my ‘direct contact’ with the Yayhel started. But working with our star brothers and sisters allows me to watch them during the sessions and it’s more magical than I can ever explain. (I still dream of a video screen on which the client can see in my head what I see haha).each individual is to them an absolutely magical insanely talented vessel full of endless potential. At the same time, they find us (and how we think) absolutely fascinating and they look at us with endless compassion and also a lot of humor. This makes that I can think (even) lighter (and at the same time more deeply) about life, can be more in my power and can see other people from their best side at all times.

So basically I get to see both sides of the coin -all the time. That has become automatic and wow I love learning from life and integrating other parts of myself again and again. There is no longer any ‘drama’ (without judging that idea in itself, because you can learn a lot from that of course). I’m going to listen and think more and more as they do, and that feels like the complete me. And that’s just right – because we are 1, and everything ultimately comes from unconditional love, that’s why it feels so natural to ‘move that way in my ‘think, do and leave’?

Who or what do you connect with when you channel?

With myself – my higher self – with my guide from the Yahyel – and with All That Is – and also with the higher self of the other (asker or client) through the Yahyel, when we do sessions ?

Artist: Wieteke Koolhof

Artist: Wieteke Koolhof

I do that through a short meditation to the heart. I always ground myself first in the heart of Mother Earth – with love, and then I reach out to the sun and the galaxy that envelops us – and then I let it all flow back into my heart. I also do this with my clients in guided meditation – whether I’m doing a group session or working with people 1 on 1. This is essential to me. I work completely from the heart chakra when I channel.

During that meditation my guide makes full body contact with me – I feel that happening very clearly, it gives some physical reactions in my right brain hemisphere/spine and then sinks deeper into my body. Instinctively it seems as if I am a bit ‘left behind myself’. Yet I am aware of it and I could immediately get out of it if desired. But if I surrender completely to it, a plate could spontaneously fall to the floor, so to speak and I probably wouldn’t even blink haha ​​– nothing disturbs my inner peace and the peace I feel when I’m in that state. My non-stop channel time limit is currently close to an hour, then I’d better take a break, otherwise, a slight headache may result.

As soon as I start channeling it’s as if my ‘ratio’ is automatically set to ‘total surrender’ (haha) so that my guide can ‘borrow’ the language area for a while. So nothing is ‘taken over against my will’, which is absolutely not the case. This is pure, conscious, and loving collaboration. All I have to do is make sure the words come out right because if I’m channeling in English or very tired, I’d better not ‘drift’ too far, then the words will stretch or take longer to ‘search’ ‘ to the correct translation. For me, it also feels like I’m ‘watching the movie’ of what is being said, which is just very nice. ?In the beginning, conscious channeling often takes energy and is followed by many physical shifts for the channeler, but over time you get more and more energy. Of course, it’s always about balance. I personally consciously regularly keep days (or even a week) when I just don’t channel and so far rarely give more than 2 sessions in a day. The quality of these sessions far exceeds their quantity for me, and I feel it is highest when I am also in an optimal state of ‘being’ as a facilitator?

Do you have any tips for others who would like to start channeling?

By coming into alignment with yourself – as you gain more access to your multidimensional aspects. I think – to keep it simple – this is done most effectively by:

3f47dc8ec8a479109fec1d1b7602a5681) to be as ‘fully present’ as possible in every moment – in the here and now. And with that attention that you then build up – for your life in general – to make more conscious choices that reflect as well as possible to the outside world what it is that you really want. This might mean rethinking whether your job really suits you – and if not – why you’re still there…What is it that you’d rather do (?) – and how do you make that new path accessible to yourself ( ?) It doesn’t have to be all at once and it’s important not to put pressure on (over) expectations (stay with the high vibes ;)) – Everything can be broken down into baby steps. This way you automatically start to do more ‘energy management. Take a look at how much time you put into certain aspects of your life; and do you still want that? Where do you get energy from and what costs energy? Let go of anything that takes up unnecessary energy 1 by 1, or see if you can adjust your approach if letting go 100% doesn’t seem like an option right away. See what that does to you, integrate and respect the emotions that come with it, change belief systems that no longer work with the help of inspirational teachers such as Byron Katie or Bashar or Abraham Hicks (or who/what suits you) – these teachers are loved by so many for a reason. The beauty of this energy management is that you will start to feel stronger and more ‘ready’ for new energy pieces of yourself / to focus on them – receiving them and then channeling them Anyone can do it – in a sense, you do it all the time (after all you channel constantly already a piece of your Higher Self to your ‘smaller self’ or ratio) – but in order to let more of that pure information through – there must first be enough space for it. And you do that by freeing up that space in all areas of your life – this brings peace – clarity and joy, and naturally more focus to see what you really want – and in which areas you need ‘more inspiration/more love’. / more Higher self or loving guides’ through

2) By knowing that it never ends. This path of discovery never ends – so there is no ‘goal’ – it’s about the way (really Smiley with a wink) – and on that road to learning to listen to your heart as much as possible – to what you really want, with respect for others and in integrity to yourself.

3) By actively working on inner reflection (through meditation/circling/diary writing and rereading / or what works for you): you learn to distinguish your own thoughts from what ‘enters’.

4) Finally (optional): by practicing some form of energy work if you want to channel ‘other parts of yourself’ (astral parts/ parallel selves/ ascended masters etc) very consciously: this can help enormously to feel the ‘shift’ of energy as it takes place (in yourself but also in others). This way you practice getting a feel for when you have ‘full’ contact with your guide or when that is a somewhat ‘watery connection’.

Who knows someone might be able to do something with this. For anyone interested in this path; The most important thing is to always follow what resonates with you – and ignore what doesn’t. Everyone is unique – and we all have our own path and our own perception of the path that suits us Winking smiley <3


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Wieteke Koolhof
My name is Wieteke Koolhof. It is my heartfelt passion to share with you as a light-worker / channel, the contact with my personal guide from the Yahyel, who I perceive as a loving higher dimensional being. Arjun has let us know to be a contact-specialist between us (Earth humans) and his own people (The YahYel) in co-operation with (among others) the people of the Pleiadies and Sirian Beings. The responses to my channelings with the Yahyel, have been so rewarding and mind-blowing, that I have decided to share this on a bigger platform. I am currently working both from the Netherlands as well as abroad, as a facilitator of these sessions – in private sessions and groups.