The Eight Shifts of Enlightenment Part One

To help the reader, this channelling has been rechannelled [by Lee and Kryon] and added onto to provide even clearer understanding. Often what happens live, has implied energy within it, which carries a kind of communication that the printed page does not. So enjoy this enhanced message given in Mexico City about the shifts in enlightenment.

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Where do you think Human emotion comes from? Where do you think love comes from? I will tell you this – it”s part of God in you! Why do you feel the way you do when you have so much love for another? You think that’s all Human, don’t you? No. That’s the God part in you being activated even between Human and Human. Even the Humans who don’t believe in God can’t help the fact that it is still so. You might not believe in a kidney either, but you still have one. You are creatures of free choice, so you are free to accept what’s going on now at this moment or not. You are totally free, and Spirit isn’t going to come and touch you to make you believe it. This is our gift to you – free choice.

The entourage is filling this place! You see, when I come into a place like this, I feel the love for humanity. Perhaps you don’t believe these things I tell you? Truth is what it is, no matter what you choose to believe and the truth is that there are spiritual ones who love you beyond measure.

I was there at the wind of birth, the energy of your arrival. In an interdimensional place, there is no time, so it allows this interesting attribute where I can be at each one of your births as well as be here communicating with you. In your three-dimensional space, you’re saying, “Well, Kryon is here talking to us right now.” But I’m also someplace else saying hello to those who are coming to this side of the veil who you think are in death. I’m greeting them as they come to the other side of the veil and I am in places where there are Humans being born. Part of what I do is to be at that juncture, that interdimensional gate, where those things take place.

None of these things have anything to do with any “rules of God.” They don’t have anything to do with ceremony or protocol. There’s only one thing they have to do with, and that’s the incredible love of God. You have a family on the other side of the veil that loves you so much. We want to hold your hand until the moment that you’re in the birth canal. We want to be the first ones to take your hand when you come back across the veil. This is what family does for family, and I would like to tell you, dear ones, that the first words that a Human Being hears when they die are, “Fear not, dear one, for you are home.” That’s the love of God at work! Do you remember?

If we could do something magical in this place, it would be to imbue into you what I feel, for I am Kryon. I represent a very, very large group. I represent the trillions of pieces of God who know you. I am in many places. I am a multiple entity, outside of what you would call your dimensionality. That makes it difficult to understand, but also realize that when you are with me, you are the same way.

Perhaps you’re here for the first time [or reading for the first time]? I know who’s here. Perhaps you are one who has arrived with someone else who asked you to come to hear these words? I just want you to listen. There is no pressure for you to believe that this is happening, or the message of tonight. However, would you do us the favor of opening your hearts so you might feel it? For there is the energy of validation here, and I want you to notice something. We are not going to give you a doctrine. We’re not going to give you rules. We’re not going to give you a place to report to. We’re not going to ask you to join anything. The reason? You already have all of that as a piece of God, walking in duality on this planet.

You are of the family of Spirit, and you all have this in common. All of you, even the unbeliever who is here… I know who you are. Listen to me, unbeliever: When you leave this place, you will be loved just as much as anyone here. Just because you don’t believe it doesn’t keep the angels from walking out the door with you. That’s how it works. Do you fear this love? It’s not aggressive. It’s passive, and only waits for you to feel it.

We’re going to do something in these two days that we have not done before. In the last months we have been consolidating messages so that much information can be given in a small amount of time. What I speak of today, you can also find in pieces over the last 20 years of the Kryon channelling, but you’ll have to look for it. Now we consolidate it in this channelling and one after it. Here is the structure of the teachings for these two days: I’m going to give you the eight shifts that a Human Being makes from beginning awareness to full ascension. It’s a grand scope, is it not, of learning. It tells about the full journey within two review evenings.

Now listen to me. These are not rules. These are not steps. These are shifts and they do not happen over a specific amount of time. Each of you is different. Each of you must come to your own state of awareness in your own time. However, the Human wishes to ask, “How long between this phase and that phase or this shift and that shift?” And there really is no answer, for true awareness is individual. It’s your own relationship with the reality of the planet that determines how long things take.

On this day we are going to give you four of the shifts, and the final four will be given tomorrow. What a grand story this is! Even before I begin this story, I tell you that this is the story of what happens when a Human steps out of his own dimension and has the courage to look around and ask who he is.

The first shift that a Human Being makes is curiosity about awareness. The question is asked, “Could it be real?” That’s where it starts. Every single one of you who is a healer, who is one on the path, has gone through this. This weekend is going to be special for several of you, since it’s your chance for greater awareness through the synchronicity of your being here. There is a shift of disbelief or neutrality in one that asks, “Could it actually be real?” That’s how it starts, and there you sit with it upon you.

This weekend can be special for you. Perhaps you never allowed yourself to sit in a place and be loved like this? Do you understand who you’re with? Do you understand that you have hundreds of those around you who would never, ever judge you, no matter who you are or what you’ve done? This is real and it’s for you to discern (the reality of it). Already in this place, within this teaching, there are colors being shown on the stage. It is done for those who have come with knowledge of what this means, and for the validation of this knowledge that, indeed, this is real.

This message is not inappropriate. It doesn’t ask you to do anything. It just wants you to open your heart for a moment. Remember the first shift you made? Remember the feeling of awareness? Do you remember that? Could this be real? And then, if so, what follows it? This shift of awareness is where you fall in love with God. “Could it be that everything the channeller said is true? What if there’s a bigger picture? What if there’s a grander purpose in life?” It’s an important shift and more than 90% of humanity will never do it. Less than one-half of one percent of humanity will make that awareness shift.

However, that’s going to be enough. Do the math. Go ahead and do the computation. One-half of one percent of seven billion – it’s a lot of Humans! It’s also a lot of light! So, what happens after that shift of awareness where you begin to feel the love of God in your heart? You wonder whether it’s real, don’t you? Some Humans will shut it out because they can’t believe it. But it’s real. You know what’s going on during this consciousness shift? You’re deciding whether or not to take the hand of the angel who’s been with you for life, and that angel has a name. It’s your Higher-Self. That’s the first shift that takes place, and it’s a big one.

The second shift is when you’ve decided it is real and you’re going to do something about it. These eight shifts are the major ones of a Human’s spiritual path… the generic ones, but here’s what you must know – there are many who never get past number one. They will come and go to a meeting like this, just to feel the energy. They’ll believe it with all their heart, and they’ll feel the love of God surge through them. But often that’s all they want. It’s all they need. Many want more, however, and ask, “What can I do to be closer to this angel that I’ve discovered inside me? Is there something I’m supposed to be doing on the planet? Is there a communication method with Spirit? And if so, where is it, and what do I do with it?”

This shift is the intent of the Human Being to push on the door to the other side of the veil. Of all of those Human Beings sitting in the chairs before me, most have pushed on this door. Oh, that’s where it gets a little scary, doesn’t it? Because now you’re going to do something that is against the reality that you have had all your life! Your friends may not remain your friends, because this shift puts you in a launching place of knowledge. Blessed is the Human Being who goes through this shift, for here is the promise: You’re not in the dark and you’re never alone. For there is a legion of angelic beings on the other side of that door with your name on them, and when you push upon that door, in they will flow into your life. The first thing you’re going to feel is peace about what you’ve done. Let the proof that this is appropriate be in the resulting feeling of the love in your life.

“All right, Kryon, how do I do that?” Each individual Human Being will do it differently. Some will go into meditation and say, “I’m ready. Show me what to do.” Some will search for books, looking for the steps of ascension and find a system. Some will seek out knowledge so they will have a better idea what they’re trying to do. All of those are appropriate actions. Each Human needs what they need, depending upon their culture and their experience on Earth. God does not sit and say, “You’re doing it wrong.” God is patient. If you want to climb a thousand steps on your knees to get to that place where you’re ready, we’ll climb the steps with you. That’s the love of God. There is no judgment. Are you one who wants the procedures? The angels will sit next to you as you do them.

There are Humans who say, “Well, this doesn’t answer anything. You’re telling me that anything I do to get there is correct. Right?” Yes. Push upon that door any way you want. Take as much time as you choose. The result will be the same. In will flow the beginning feelings of your mastery. You won’t know what to do with it, but you’ll know it’s real and has arrived.

This is difficult to explain. It’s like the Human who has always been in the dark, opening a door that has a bright light behind it. Some will wait, not wishing to discover anything at this time, and some will open it just a little bit to see what the light is about. Others, however, will fling the door wide open and say, “Dear God, I’m ready. Let’s go! Tell me what it is I need to know.” That’s the second shift. Of all eight, this one is critical, for this one actually starts the process. Once this process has begun, it’s tough to stop it. For it’s impossible for the Human Being to un-know something, especially something as profound as this.

Let me ask you this: Once you’ve felt the love of God in this meeting, once you’ve seen the colors that I’m showing, can you really go back and turn it all off? Can you pretend you never saw it? Can you pretend you never felt it? The answer is no. You know what happened.

What happens next is interesting. Sometimes there’s a very long distance between this second phase and the next one, between this shift and the next one. That will depend upon the Human Being and how fast he wishes to go. So again we say, there is no judgment here. There are those who say, “Well, I should be able to accomplish this in a certain number of days or weeks.” Really? How are they going to measure that? How do you know when it’s finished? How do you know how far the door is open? No. This is very individual. There are facilitators in the room whose entire purpose in life is to help you open the door. Is this starting to make sense to you? They are here to help you relax with the love of God, to balance you in the love of God.

Earlier, you heard the teacher, Peggy [speaking of Peggy Phoenix Dubro who spoke at the conference in the morning]. Do you know what her task is on this planet? It’s not that difficult to define. It’s to help balance you so that you will feel the love of God in your heart. So when you’ve gone through the phases and stand as a graduate, that’s when you can say, “Now I understand more about the mastery inside.” She helps Humans open the door and understand the light. This teaching was not available 25 years ago. Do you know why? Because the vibration of this planet was not ready for it. It was much more difficult to accomplish this understanding in an energy before the Harmonic Convergence. There are many teachings with this attribute… that they are given to you as new information in a new energy of discovery.

The third shift is one of the most difficult to explain. It is when the Human Being finally makes sense of light and dark in their life. We have spoken about this very often in the last months, for it is one of the most difficult things to accept for a Human. This shift is one that you must go through in order to get to the others, for consciousness is that way. You’re not going to go through the next door until you pass through this one, for each of these shifts allows you to experience the next. You move through them in a linear fashion, not because of their complexity, but because of their revelation-and consciousness-changing qualities.

In 3D, the Human Being makes some interesting observations. If something wonderful and grand happens to them, such as a healing, they say, “This must have come from God. I couldn’t do that. It had to come from God. Praise God.” If something truly evil takes place in their life, where darkness seems to grab them and take them into a dark place, the Human says, “Well, that had to be a demon. That had to be the devil; Satan himself grabbed me and pulled me away from good things.” You see, Human Beings are very interesting in this way. They’re not responsible for anything that happens in either direction, are they? Something good happens, it must be God. Something bad happens, it must be the devil. So I will ask you then, what are you doing here? Are you just “sitting there in neutral,” waiting for one of two entities to grab your soul? Do you have no responsibility for anything?

Blessed is the Human Being who realizes that within each one, there is the power of dark and light. There is God there, and there is the absence of God. Let me define darkness for you. Darkness is defined as the absence of light. Let me define light for you. Light is powerful illumination that contains no darkness. Darkness can do nothing to affect light, but light can destroy darkness. The Human Being has the choice to create either one with their own presence on Earth.

Here is the unbelievable part to you, and the part that you don’t want to accept. All of the demons that you have seen and felt or heard about in your life have been generated by Human consciousness. All of the most beautiful miracles on this planet, even the raising of the dead, have come from Human consciousness. The master of light is in you!

When the master of love walked this planet many years ago, Jesus the Jew said, “I am the son of God. And so are you.” It is written. Take a look. It was an acknowledgment of the master within you. When the Human understands there’s no battle for their soul and that they are responsible for both dark and light themselves, then this becomes a major breakthrough. It’s called taking responsibility for everything. Nobody has done anything to you to make you unworthy. No one’s out to get you. You are precious and carry light all by yourself.

So let us come up on the final shift for this lesson time. First, let us review: Here we have a Human who has gone into awareness through curiosity and who then made the decision to literally do something about what they felt, and push upon the door of light. This Human Being then received answers and the love of God poured into their life. It changed them so much that the knowledge of Spirit began to flood into their cellular structure. They began to have intuitions about the way things worked and the intuition was correct. They became less judgmental and more master-like. They were able to drop anger in their lives and the drama fell away from them. They knew that they had seen the validation of what they had done. Then they saw within themselves the spectrum of the energy of dark and light. They realized their own mastery within, and they went to the fourth shift.

And this, dear ones, is the definition of the term we brought to you almost 20 years ago… the “implant.” It is the implantation of permission to go forward without karma. It is a difficult concept to explain, but we have done so many times before.

The fourth shift is the elimination of birth karma and the understanding of your own participation in your spiritual path.

If spiritual awareness is never upon you, the energy of karma remains. It is part of the system of the Akash. You must be aware that you have lived many lives and have had other lives. These lives build upon each other energetically and the past life experience shapes the potentials for your current life experience. The name of this ancient system is karma.

Those of you who are parents in this room, let me ask you about your children. Were they born like blank sheets of paper for you to teach them everything? You know they were not. Who taught them to be jealous? Who taught them to be angry and go into a rage? Who taught them to be afraid of things like water or certain animals? It wasn’t you, was it? Then where did all that come from? Why would one child be so prolific in one talent and another have no talent at all? Why is one such a lover and the other one is so wise? Ah, you know what I’m talking about, don’t you? [Kryon smile] Why is one a warrior and the other is not? And the answer is karma. They come in with an energy of predisposition. This is upon them all their lives and will push and pull on their consciousness with the energy of unfulfilled resolution.

All humanity has this attribute unless they individually choose to void it, and this ability has only been available for 20 years. Now it’s available to everyone who sits in the chair before me or is reading this. I will tell you something, dear ones: Of those who sit in these chairs right now, some of these things are still in you. They’re responsible for some of the challenges you have since you never gave permission for them to go away.

Here is a review of the process: You void this incomplete energy called karma, get off of the road of predisposition, and you start creating a new energy for yourself as though you arrived on the planet with no karma at all. Some of the very attributes of your life will change. Your fears will drop away since they’re part of karma. My partner did it. He can point to the place he did it. For the man in the chair is a left-brain engineer [speaking of Lee]. He had the passion for naval military service in front of him and had the attributes of a hermit. However, when he gave permission to open the door to voiding his karma, those things dropped away. Now, his right brain has developed as much as his left. Seemingly, many of the things he was born with are now gone… replaced with the things that he wishes to be. Blessed is the Human Being who makes this choice, for it is uncomfortable at first, then rewarding when they realize that they are actually in charge of their own futures.

We’ll close with this: When the Human Being stands without the karmic energy they came in with, it is truly like they are exposed before God. For they don’t know where they’re going. They don’t know what synchronicity is going to come along to help them. They have no idea what to expect or where they stand. It is as though they are fresh and new, ready to create a path they have never seen. This is uncomfortable for a Human.  However, here is the promise we gave you with shift number two. I dare you to celebrate that state – a status of uncertainty. I dare you to celebrate it. “Well, here I am God. I have no idea what I’m doing. Isn’t that great?” And your relatives and your friends will look at you and they’ll say, “You really are crazy.” And how can you tell them that you stand there with a legion of angels holding your hand?

You’ve got a grand support group and this fourth shift is when the support group really starts to show itself. This shift is the one that allows you to walk into the darkness, whistling a tune, unafraid of the pitfalls of a three-dimensional system. You see, this shift allows for understanding of your own participation of your own creation. How can you be afraid of what’s going to happen when you’re creating it? How can you be afraid of the disease in you when you’re creating your own healing? Don’t you think I know who’s here?

Dear Human Being, we’re not going to say goodbye. In a blink of an eye, I’m returning [tomorrow]. For me, it’s like my partner will shut his eyes and open them again and we continue. For you, it’s a nice leave. Don’t be surprised if some angels go home with you. Don’t be surprised if some of them keep you awake. Why would they do that? Maybe you’ve pushed on that door a little harder today and they can hardly wait to take your hand. Will you let them? Will you let them do that? I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. I am in love with humanity.

I’ll be back in a moment. And so it is.


Credit : Channelled by Lee Carroll for KRYON. Lee is recognized worldwide as the original channel for Kryon, and has been honored over the years by seven United Nations invitations to channel Kryon at the UN building in New York city. The Kryon seminars are presented all over the USA and Canada, western Europe, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Poland, the Baltic states and much of South America. You can see some of the most meaningful meetings HERE. Lee’s worldwide seminar schedule is HERE. In 2015 and 2016 the prestigious WATKINS “Mind, Body, Spirit” magazine from the UK, has listed Lee Carroll as one of the “100 most spiritually influential living people”. You can see the others in that group HERE.

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