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QUESTION: Are there any signs or feelings that one experiences that indicate one is vibrating on the right channel for that desire? How can we know we’re vibrating in a way that will manifest our wishes?

Let’s see what the Angels have to say:


“The simplest way that we can explain our perspective on this is that you simply feel good. You see, when you feel good, you’re starting to attract and align with other things that are in that same vibrational wave, within that same vibrational channel. So when you are looking for signs the first initial sign is how you feel. Ask yourself, how do I feel right now?

Now, this is an important distinction we are about to make. Surely there are many people who manifest great abundance and suffer from serious health issues. Or people who have “the perfect body” but struggle with manifesting wealth. Or people who never seem to get sick, but can’t seem to find the right relationship. So the distinction we want to make is “how to do you feel about what you desire to manifest?”

If you’re response is, I don’t feel that good, “I kind of feel worried, I feel sick to my stomach with worry that what I want wont happen” then you know that that’s what you’re more in alignment with. However if you’re feeling really good, if you’re feeling very hopeful, or optimistic or content or joyful, what happens is you start to familiarize yourself with that vibrational channel. Finding that vibrational channel that feels good is when more things start to align and start to materially manifest for you.

It starts to become easier and easier to trust that it’s all working out, that it’s all coming together. You can begin to look around at your reality and see that what you once wanted is now here.You can begin to relax into knowing that you really have the power to create your reality. You can look for so many examples of things that once were just a dream or desire in your mind and now you have them materially.

Being mindful of these things that you’ve once desired that are now already manifested is a wonderful way to grab a hold of that vibration of certainty that you did it once before and you could do it again. Often times you didn’t even know how you did it before and now you do so now it’s going to be even better it’s going to be even easier.

Imagine what you’ll be able to create going forward. It really is like following a trail of cookie crumbs. At first it’s just the initial feeling of “I just feel lighter, I just feel better, I feel content and then from there moving forward it’s the opportunities that start to present themselves to you. Your physical environment begins to give you even more validation, even more proof that things really are coming together, it’s all working out.

What we see most often is that humans will get that momentum going and then inevitably a negative trigger pops up and they start to steer off into that more dominant vibration of what they don’t want that because they’ve given so much focus to those things that aren’t working well. They think that their positive thoughts aren’t actually working, and we say no! They are working, you’re not doing anything wrong.There is just a delayed response in the physical environment. It’s not instantaneous like your thoughts and your emotions are there’s a little bit of a delayed reaction before it physically and tangibly manifests.

So those good thoughts are indeed building more positive momentum towards the vibrational channel that contains your desires. The momentum that you had created previously from that previous focus of what you did not want will not instantly stop in its tracks it has to loose momentum before it comes to a stop.

We oftentimes use the analogy of a ceiling fan to explain this concept.If you were to come into a room and all of a sudden flip the switch to turn the ceiling fan off, you wouldn’t expect it to instantaneously come to a stop just because you shut the power off. It needs some time to die out but as long as you don’t go flip that switch again it will take care of itself. And it’s the same thing with the momentum of your focus. When you find something that is manifesting as a result of the momentum you previously gave due to your focus the best thing you can do is redirect the attention back on to what you do want instead.

Know that is not a representation of how you feel right now, but rather it is a representation of what you were thinking and a result of where you where aligned. Re-direct, re-focus and re-create.

So we hope that helps.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

Much Love,

Dr. Taryn Crimi

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