Channeled 16.12. 2000

I am writing to you with great joy.

I hope that for those who want to be spiritually better or for those who want to raise their vibration, this article will help them on their way.

Becoming spiritual and learning about the spiritual path is an important event in the life of every person, as it allows the soul to never return to planet Earth.

There is no easy way to achieve this. Hard  work, consistency and discipline are needed.

But most of all it means getting out of the comfort zone.

The lower self resides in the comfort zone. He is happy there and will do anything to stay there.

Many souls, opening the door to spiritual development, leave their comfort zones because it allows them to grow and a higher level of spirituality.

Changes cannot happen if you stay in the comfort zone. When you are removed from it only then can you finally see what you have to see and you can move towards a higher vibration.

First, before you are born you have chosen your master teacher to work with. You have chosen the age when you will make a decision and begin your journey to enlightenment.

Some wait until they grow up, others will start very young.

You give yourself a few years to change and then if that task is not completed, you seek the help of a master.

At the beginning of this process, your master separates you from everything that is dear, comfortable and familiar to you.

This process can be triggered by the loss of a job, money, a partner, anything close to you, even children.

You have chosen the way you will learn and the path you will take before you are born.

The person channeling me chose to lose his very successful job.

She was left with nothing to be forced out of the comfort zone. She was also forced to leave the state in which she lived and go to the one in which she knew no one. This process isolated her from family, friends and the career she had built so successfully over the years. In doing so, she moved away from the comfort zone and started over, but this time listening to the spiritual world teaching her in a new way, a better way.

In this way, she raised her vibration, faced fears (which I can tell you were terrible) and became a better person at heart. She learned a great deal from this experience as her husband did. They have both learned to maintain complete trust in us and the spirit world and leave everything to our organization.

It wasn’t easy for either of them but they gradually realized we knew what we were doing and finally let go and allowed the spirit world to lead them instead of their Lower Self that had been doing so for so long.

The Lower Self fought and struck as hard as it could but in their faith they learned how to reject the Lower Self and its needs.

Whichever path of realization you choose, let the process happen. Your Lower Self will do anything to prevent this from happening. It will create depression, illness or difficulty and eventually create fear.

The comfort zone is a beautiful place but one does not learn while in it. One can learn only when one is removed from it.

Everything you lose will be returned to you one day. It was taken from you just because of your learning process!

~ Master Maitreya channeled through Margaret McElroy

~ Natalia


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Natalija Pavlaković
I am a channel of Lady Nada, a person with a strong gift of intuition, a teacher of metaphysics, an astrologer, and a regression therapist. I too was looking for guidance 25 years ago and after I found it my whole life changed. Now I am the one who leads others towards themselves and their own truth. Let me help you find your inner light and the reason why you are here on Earth. THOSE WHO FIND ME, ALWAYS TELL ME HOW THE INVISIBLE HAND WAS LEADING THEM TO ME. I work with individuals and groups, sharing my intuitive / channeled insights and metaphysical teachings that have changed my life and the lives of many others and will now help you. I share these teachings through workshops and courses as well as through mentoring those who are looking for their meaning and purpose.