To discover yourself is to discover the meaning of life.

There is an inherent desire in all humans to find meaning and fulfillment in life. We search for it in career, in family, in relationships, in sports, in travel, the list goes on.

But none of these things ever brings lasting satisfaction. We are always left looking for the next hit, the next thing that can bring a sense of meaning and purpose to our short lives and quieten the subtle niggling feeling within that there must be something more.

We can spend our whole lives searching for that something more, thinking, analysing, trying to find answers in books, from teachers. The endless search. It almost all seems like a grand cosmic joke, because when we finally give up and stop searching for meaning, that is when meaning finds us.

There is a universal energy at play, choreographing every detail of life from the realm of the unmanifest. When we are tensed up in a state of seeking, we block this energy from communing with us. We try to take control of life, forcing, pushing, exerting effort in all directions, draining ourselves of the vital life force we so desperately seek.

But when we relax, when we cease the endless grasping, drop the masks and walls we have built for protection and allow our constructed personalities to naturally fall away, we finally dissipate into the depths of the vast unknown where all that remains is stillness, pure consciousness, the truth of our being.

From this space we can open to the divine and allow it to play and express itself through us with ease and grace as it magnificently weaves meaning into our every action. We become a radiant beam of light, attracting to ourselves all that we need. We become one with the higher intelligence and together we create an effortless dance of grace, allowing the magic of true meaning to enter our lives.
~ Louise 💚
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Louise Kay was born in Lancashire, The UK. After graduating she worked as an English teacher for 15 years, and during this time spontaneously and unexpectedly started to experience the world of Extra Sensory Perception. Louise experienced a spiritual awakening and not long afterwards Aikon made contact for the first time during a meditation. Louise has been channeling since the day Aikon contacted her and her work continues to grow with her, taking her all over the world. Aikon's message is an invitation to awaken to one's divine true nature and they support people to get in touch with their own inner knowing and to align with their highest excitement in life. Louise works with both groups and individuals and her wish is to support others to recognize their own divine nature and to realize their full potential. Louise believes that with a simple shift in awareness, there is a whole new world accessible to everyone on this planet!