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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it free to register and post articles?

Yes, Currently it is free to register and post article. However we recommend you to donate any amount in order to maintain this website and provide free service to humanity.

What type of Article can we post in Living Librarian?

Living Librarian is all about spirituality so articles that you post should be related to this subject. for e.g. you can post articles related to Body Mind Soul related topics.

I've an article to post but I'm not sure what category to choose.

We have many categories for users to post. Based on your topic that you have written, you can decide a particular category as described below

Wisdom :  Only wisdom should be posted here

Knowledge :  If you want to explain a particular topic on spirituality such as sacred Geometry, dimensions, aura etc…

News :  if you want to provide some news about whats going on in the world on spirituality, today’s energy, galactic news, messages from channelled beings, astronomical news etc…

Events :  You can post spiritual events

Travel :  You can post articles related to sacred places

Blogs :  if you want express something.

Prayer :  You can request other users to pray for you or your loved one etc…

Your Story :  You can post stories that happened in your life, miracles, meditation experience etc…

Question :  If you have some general question related to spiritual that you want to ask user community. (No private questions asked here)

Note :  All posting will be verified by Admin before it is posted.

What type of Users created in Living Librarian? Or What is the difference between Master and Seeker

There are 2 types of Users. Master/Teacher and Seeker.

[Master or Teacher] : who is providing knowledge/Service to humanity. (Healers,Channellers,Philosopher, Psychic, Reiki, Shaman, Guru, Teacher, Scientific Researcher, etc…

[Seeker] : Who is seeking for knowledge. Note that seekers can also publish articles on behalf of Master.

How can I change my password?

First you need to login and go to “my profile” page. Under profile tab, click on setting tab, their you change the password.

Check the video “How to change password” above.

How do we add video to an article

You can add video to an article by just copying the link and pasting it in the content.  Eg :     This link can be added to your content and when published, it will show up as a video..

Is Donation tax deductible?

No, Currently donations are not tax deductible.

I've some suggestions, How do I contact you?

You can contact us through contact page here

How do I upload my banner and photo?

You can go to my profile page and under profile menu, there are detail menu tab “change profile photo” and “change cover image”.  you can click on that menu and add your photo and banner.

Is it mandatory to add banner and photo?

It is not mandatory but we recommend you to add your photo and banner for better visibility to other users.

I have ebook that I've written and would like to distribute free, how do I add to your website?

You can send information about your book through our Contact us page. we will review and post in Living Librarian.