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Open Yourselves to an Infinite Array of Possibilities ∞The Creators

We suggest that you give yourselves the opportunity to get out of any pre-set ideas or notions that you hold about what the best possible outcome for a situation is. We ask instead that you trust in what will come, and as you take your minds off of specifics and you release belief systems about those specifics, you give yourselves more of an opportunity to send out a frequency and to allow that frequency to be matched by what is for your highest good, what will be the most pleasant and fulfilling situation that you can possibly experience.

You Are Everything ∞The Creators

Awareness is the key. It is what gives you your knowingness of the truth of your nature. It eliminates the need for any type of segmentation of Source. You don’t care, in other words, about any of this. You simply are. You are One. You are everything. And that is a feeling that is worth having.

Respecting Different Points of View and the People Who Hold Them ∞The Creators

It is quite all right for you to have a point of view. It is quite all right for you to express your point of view. It is also very supportive and serves you and your fellow humans very well to allow others to have whatever perspective they have. And to honor them. It is quite normal that you would all have a different point of view, because you have all had quite different experiences that have led you to where you are today. And we are not even talking about other lifetimes, where you originate from in this universe, and so on.

Allow Yourself to Feel the Discomfort ∞The Creators

May we suggest that instead of looking for answers, looking for solutions to your discomfort, that you allow yourself to exist in a state of discomfort, to accept yourself as a being who has created discomfort, and to allow the discomfort to be a valid experience for you. Then you can move past the circumstances that keep bringing about the discomfort and you no longer need to create them. This is true no matter what the discomfort is, whether it’s physical, or emotional, or psychological.

Be Your Own Master ∞The Creators

You’re all masters and teachers to one another because no matter where you go, no matter what you do, everything in your life is orchestrated in order to help you along your path. You will encounter many more who will inspire you because more and more of you are waking up to who it is you came here to be. That is the number one purpose of your life – it is to recognize yourself as a master, as a teacher, and as a being of pure Love who is incarnating to have a unique experience.

Easing Your Way into Your Power ∞The Creators

You are the creators, and you will continue to create the new universe that you are opening up to and exploring with your consciousness. So allow yourselves the chance to make little changes to your lives that will demonstrate to you how easy life can be. And practice – practice the frequency of ease so that you will enjoy more and more of this beautiful, wonderful, ever-expanding Universe that you are a part of and a creator.

Being of Service Always Serves You ∞The Creators

It is impossible for you to assist another without assisting yourself. You have this idea that the others are somehow separate from you and that if you give something to them then they must give something to you return, because you do not see the gift you give yourself by being of service. And you cannot see the ripple effect. Let us assure you that everything comes back to in some form, in some way. You will receive what it is you need when you give freely of what it is you have.

Choosing Thoughts ~ by Louise Kay

Experiment with this: choose some thoughts, both positive and negative and as you think them pay attention to how your body feels. Are the thoughts bringing you down or raising you up? As we become attuned to this practice it becomes a natural process and we can easily recognize when a thought or action is out of alignment with our highest truth. Choose thoughts which serve you and live from your true power! 

Choose your Reality – The Yahyel ~ by Jonathan C Martin

The secret is to see all things as equal. All things as valid. All things as valid aspects of creation. Say “I validate you, I validate your existence, you have as equal right to exist as any part of creation and for that I love you unconditionally. Thank you for what you have shown me but now I am choosing to move in a new direction. I prefer light. If you wish to hang around while I transform into a love/light/bliss frequency you are welcome. You can shift frequency with me. I love you, you have served me, I validate your existence, but now I prefer to move in a new direction. It’s been an exciting ride but now I’m moving further into the light. Welcome To a New Earth”

Your Current Life Circumstances ∞ Channeled by Daniel Scranton

Whatever it is you are living has a purpose, and that purpose serves you. When you recognize this, you can stop obsessing about how you got to that place. You can stop feeling sorry for yourself, and you can start a proactive approach to the creation of that which you do desire. No circumstance is ever meant to be permanent. That would only stagnate your growth.