All inside the Head – Unity Consciousness here we come! ~...

Pretty intense experiences at the moment, huh? We are going through seemingly endless thought spirals, anxiety attacks, big old ego programs related to aggression, control, manipulation, frustration, disappointments etc. We have a hard time to focus, often feel disconnected. We have weirdest food cravings, a lot of need to rest, not knowing what to do with ourselves, lucid dreaming, intense headaches, the eyes blurry as never before, and the whole body is just going berserk with wildest symptoms, skin break-outs, infections, ascension flu, hot and cold flashes etc. And our mind is hopelessly lost, all it can think is:  Where is the emergency exit?

Solar Eclipse Energies – Law of One, Frequency Family & Your...

This Solar Eclipse is going to bring us some powerful energies that are most uplifting. After a more painful and darker solar eclipse last August, we can all breathe a little easier knowing the dark work has been done and this time period will bring much lighter notes of abundance through high frequency manifestation. The shadow work of the last 6 months will be paying off as you have now made room for higher frequency abundance to magnetize into your energy field.

Feeling Rough During Eclipse Season? How to Move Through it and...

Many of us, including myself are going through a tough time releasing lots of negativity, karma and programming during this period between eclipses, not just on a planetary level but also personally. Especially anyone with a sun, moon or rising sign in Leo, Aquarius and the other fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus will be experiencing massive changes. Here’s my insights and learning so far on how to not just get through it but also blossom: 

Humane Love ~ Atraios Plejaren

This download came as a response when my Daughter whom, by the way is, still connected within the Matrix. While explaining the grand scheme, which for some is too large and far too inverted to connect the dots. The writing came while posting a response for someone else. Sensing the cognitive dissonance, during our discussion, my heart wept for all the children trapped within the same misdirected complex of subliminal perceptual control.

Opportunities Within Change – Melchizedek ~ by Randall monk

Most of your current creations are of a third-dimensional frequency pattern which, as you can see, will not withstand the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimensions. These energies of duality are archaic and will not be supported by the higher frequencies within the dimensions you are moving into. As your individual vibrational patterns and the collective pattern expand into a more refined vibration, structures will come into place at a suitable time and in the appropriate manner.

February Energy Reading: Shine Light into the Darkest Places of Self...

February is a short month but it's going to require your full attention. This month highlights the need to go deep within and shine light into our deepest and darkest parts we don't like to look into. The good news is this is the final push for clearing as the lunar eclipse on January 31st is signifying a closing of old energies from the solar eclipse in August and opening of new ones ahead of us.


There will still be those who come into your life with whom you do not resonate, and that will be so as long as you are in the physical vessel. If you can maintain an attitude of non-judgment, and radiate love to the Essence of each person, you will not have to experience a karmic dance or interaction with them. Bless them and allow them to follow their Path, while you follow your own.

SUPER BLUE BLOOD MOON JANUARY 31, 2018 ~ by Cherokee Billie

The Blue Moon is usually prime time for rituals, ceremonies, and protection. It’s also a good time to perform ceremonies to attract a new job, healings, love, legal undertakings, money and dreams. Whether you can see the Full Blue Moon or not remember the gentle power of the Moon is still penetrating our spirits.  So do whatever you feel is sacred to you on this special night.  Feel free to howl at the Blue Moon inside your home.

God Speed! Everything accelerates. Hello Divine Masculine – by Vera Ingeborg


The Divergence of Timelines – The Yahyel – by Jonathan Martin

Step into your true selves, so to speak, for the world needs you. And you need you. To be you the you you came here to be. For consciousness is accelerating. And timelines are diverging. And which timeline you move into depends greatly upon your decisions in the coming days, weeks and months.