Unconditional Business – Doing Business on New Earth ~ by Vera...

Unconditional business automatically always leads to a win-win for everyone as everyone commits and takes responsibility for their part. Win-win can mean anything, money is just one part in it. There are many other forms of abundance to be appreciated. Connections to amazing people, new experiences, new inspiration, new growth opportunities personally and collectively, etc.

Spiritual Loneliness: Transmuting Family Rejection into Acceptance – Nicole Frolick

For many of us who begin our spiritual awakening it's an exciting journey of self-discovery as well as exploring beyond what current institutions and society teach us to be true. This of course is what can take your desire to share your new discoveries with your friends and family from the high feelings of excitement to the low feelings of rejection and loneliness.

Shared Near-Death Experiences ~ Camillo Loken

Many years ago I started on a quest to find answers to big questions in life – questions like who are we? – where do we come from? – what are we doing here? – and what happens when we die?  On this quest I naturally came across the topic of near-death experiences (NDE).

Is the Universe intelligent or not? – by Camillo Loken

At the time of writing this blogpost I´m 52 years old. For the first 40 years of my life I believed what I had been told by my parents, by society and by the scientific community – that our Universe is the result of a cosmic coincidence.

Classes for Kids

I would like to take Living Librarian to the next level, so I’ll be reinitiating to teach kids (and adults if interested) that I left over few years back in NJ. This is a unique type of teaching based on my 10 yrs of research & study in metaphysical subject from a scientific perspective. The knowledge that I’ve gained all these years, feels like, we are missing lots of things to teach kids in today’s society which are very important. I assure you, by the time they grow up, they will have the knowledge and tools necessary to face the challenge and lead a joyful life, ultimately help themselves and others in the process of Ascension and becoming 5D being.

My Channeling experience Blog – by Dev – Living Librarian

My channeled message blog - 4 Carrying Baggage

The Great Polarity – Fear and Love

Fear and love are the only two “words in the language of the soul”. They reside on the same scale – on opposite ends. This is the scale of polarity which is one of the Universal Laws running this Universe. It allows the system we call “relativity” to be. So, every human action, is based in either love or fear. That's it. There is no other human motivation, and all other ideas are different types of variations of these two. They are simply different versions—different twists on the same theme.

The fastest way to raise your level of consciousness

You have probably heard the expression “the inner world creates the outer world”. Our way of thinking creates the reality we experience because we live in a “thought universe”.

What happens to time when you die?

People with near-death experiences (NDE) report that time ceased to exist when they died. Is this true? If so, how does it work?

Desired State of Being

People from all corners of the world are all seeking a certain state of being - Happy, Accomplished, Peaceful, Harmonies, Loving or other states. So, what´s the best way to achieve these states?