Your Helpers from Atlantis ∞ Channeled by Daniel Scranton

The only thing that you need to do to make this path the easiest and most joyous one possible is to listen when you feel guided to move in a certain direction. You must be willing to take leaps of faith at times. Know that everything will be aligned for the ascension process to continue without a struggle, and know that you are the ones doing what you need to do to assist in the process and to ensure that it’s easier and more joyous for those around you as well.

Our Journey Together ∞ Channeled by Daniel Scranton

What we awaken within you is the knowing of your true nature, and that is why you like us. We enjoy watching all of you because you remind us at times of the journey we have all been on. There is such a deep connection between all of you and all of us in the higher realms, and that is why it serves you very well to feel our presence in your lives, rather than just taking in the information we provide through this particular channel.

A Message To The Advanced Souls ~ by Maria Chambers

You came in with a wisdom that most humans are not aware of in themselves yet. As long as we are living in duality, we will see behaviors that reflect that polarization to one degree or another.  We will see random acts of kindness right along with the most heinous of acts perpetrated toward other humans. If you are reading this post, and are attracted to this kind of material, you are here to shine a light at a time when it is needed.   It doesn’t require you to be an activist, unless that brings you joy.  All that is required of you is to be here, on the planet.

Latest Video's

Arcturian Conversation: Align to the Reality of Power Within ~ Channeled by Dr.Suzanne...

If you look at all of the Ascended Masters, they were physical beings who were able to become Fifth Dimensional and ascend beyond the planet. All of those beings focused 100 % on service to others, no matter what that meant to their own selves. They focused on service to others. And in your case, in humanity’s case, the service to others includes the service to Gaia, as well as Gaia’s moon, and as well as Gaia’s sister, Venus. Because sister Venus and Gaia are a team, and they will work as One. So as Gaia ascends, so will Venus ascend, and as Venus ascends, so will Earth ascend.

All inside the Head – Unity Consciousness here we come! ~ by Vera Ingeborg

Pretty intense experiences at the moment, huh? We are going through seemingly endless thought spirals, anxiety attacks, big old ego programs related to aggression, control, manipulation, frustration, disappointments etc. We have a hard time to focus, often feel disconnected. We have weirdest food cravings, a lot of need to rest, not knowing what to do with ourselves, lucid dreaming, intense headaches, the eyes blurry as never before, and the whole body is just going berserk with wildest symptoms, skin break-outs, infections, ascension flu, hot and cold flashes etc. And our mind is hopelessly lost, all it can think is:  Where is the emergency exit?

Solar Eclipse Energies – Law of One, Frequency Family & Your Manifestation ~ Nicole...

This Solar Eclipse is going to bring us some powerful energies that are most uplifting. After a more painful and darker solar eclipse last August, we can all breathe a little easier knowing the dark work has been done and this time period will bring much lighter notes of abundance through high frequency manifestation. The shadow work of the last 6 months will be paying off as you have now made room for higher frequency abundance to magnetize into your energy field.

Feeling Rough During Eclipse Season? How to Move Through it and Blossom! ~ Natasha...

Many of us, including myself are going through a tough time releasing lots of negativity, karma and programming during this period between eclipses, not just on a planetary level but also personally. Especially anyone with a sun, moon or rising sign in Leo, Aquarius and the other fixed signs Scorpio and Taurus will be experiencing massive changes. Here’s my insights and learning so far on how to not just get through it but also blossom: 

Humane Love ~ Atraios Plejaren

This download came as a response when my Daughter whom, by the way is, still connected within the Matrix. While explaining the grand scheme, which for some is too large and far too inverted to connect the dots. The writing came while posting a response for someone else. Sensing the cognitive dissonance, during our discussion, my heart wept for all the children trapped within the same misdirected complex of subliminal perceptual control.

Opportunities Within Change – Melchizedek ~ by Randall monk

Most of your current creations are of a third-dimensional frequency pattern which, as you can see, will not withstand the higher vibrations of the fourth and fifth dimensions. These energies of duality are archaic and will not be supported by the higher frequencies within the dimensions you are moving into. As your individual vibrational patterns and the collective pattern expand into a more refined vibration, structures will come into place at a suitable time and in the appropriate manner.

Health & Wellness

The power that created your body, is the only power that...

Your bodies are designed to keep your body in a constant state of balance at all times.  So why do people get sick?  When your beliefs become unbalanced, your minds and therefore your bodies all become unbalanced which allows for weaknesses to appear where there should be impenetrable strength.  Know that there really never is a contagious virus.  There really never is an illness that you can get when your body is in a state of balance and harmony. 

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate, that is the question –...

Your body actually has two lines of defense.  The first line of defense are positioned in cells that are in your nose, lungs and mouth.  They are able to detect foreign matter that has the ability to harm or disrupt your body.  You actually come into contact with well-known diseases on a daily basis, they are in the air you breathe yet your body’s natural form of defense is regularly able to fight off these microbes with little to no physical effects.  When your first line of defense is not strong enough to fight off the invasion, your body’s actual immune system is immediately activated and begins multiplying your white blood cells to help fight off the illness.  When your body is able to fight off an infection that it has naturally come into contact with, you are then immune to that particular strain of that virus for life.


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